[01:12] Those are striking terms breaking. Alright, thanks for joining me. Today is December the 19th 2018 and this is the flat earth report and go to flatter and to get on the email list, see number of people showing up for the mailing list. Okay, and this is the channel I’ll be using from now on. So go ahead and subscribe and share. Okay. First thing, this is something that comes up a lot with people when they first start confronting this topic, they say if the earth is flat, why are other planets round? It’s one of those questions I think is a silver bullet. No answer to it, but my response to it is if the earth is an ablate spheroid, why are the other planets round? Not that I accept that they are round because it only round in the CGI composite images were given, but if you were to follow the logic that gave us the oblate spheroid that we supposedly live on, where are the other ovulate? Spheroids? So the title of this live stream is our flat earthers right wingers, which I think is a valid question. Now. It’s not something that fits within the Left, right paradigm, obviously is something that is very post political

[02:48] and doesn’t adhere to the worldview that both the left and the right half to defend, which is the fake worldview,

[03:01] so, but the fact is the way that the media, the MSM, has framed conspiracy theories really from the beginning. They said that conspiracy theories are right wingers and it’s hateful right wingers. In fact, when JFK was extensively assassinated, that was blamed on right wing hate when Gabby giffords was shot by Gerald lauffner in Arizona staged event fake, but that was blamed on right wingers. Conspiracies have always been blamed on right-wingers by the media, which as we all know is largely msm is largely left and so it’s not a surprise that flat earthers are being conflated with that and vice versa. In fact, before flat earth even had any people giving the idea of voice and even discussing it even before that climate change deniers who are right wingers were accused of being flat earthers because you so you can sort of see a pattern here. They’ve been doing this for a while, and of course the reason why is that the further right you go, the less your belief in the power of big government to solve problems.

[04:25] The more you believe in the power of private enterprise. So the further right you go, the less dependent you are, and of course big government needs you to need it and it needs the media to convince you that you need big government to solve all your problems. But one of the lines that they have been pushing for a couple of years now is that flat earth is a result of youtube. In fact, after the conference they said that it’s people watching youtube videos on autoplay who get fighter with content without specifically searching for it, but just because it’s brought up by suggested searches earlier this year, there was a youtube app for kids that was bringing up moon landing conspiracy videos. When people would search for anything related to the Apollo missions. And this was seen as a problem and I think it was the Boston Globe, but actually reported the APP.

[05:29] But you have these moral busy body citizens, sensors who are using the terms of service community guidelines to actually help censor the Internet of information that runs contrary to the MSM fundamentalist worldview, and they’re blaming youtube. Kyrie irving had blamed a youtube rabbit hole for looking into flat earth, and so what they’re trying to do and what they have, I think successfully done in the minds of many is they have convinced him that the free flow of information is the problem here. The guy who wrote the death of expertise, who was on that CBS special about flat earth, he actually said the Internet is not a library and shouldn’t be approached as a library, but that the Internet is a dumpster and flat earth, in his view demonstrates the danger in democratizing information.

[06:33] And all that means is the danger in having information unfiltered UNPRI masticated by your media pundits who are reading teleprompters, which have been carefully scripted for them by the ones who are programming your realities. The ones who have authored your past, your future, who write your history every day, the Ministry of truth. So my question are flat earthers right wingers, I would say no, obviously. However, if you were to take a section of the population, let’s say 10 million Americans, um, and you were to ask them questions, you would probably find that those on the right are going to be more in agreement with many of the things which we are asserting, such as. You can’t always trust that scientists are going to be purely objective as demonstrated by climate change. Now, the left wingers have pure faith in the priests of scientism. They worship these people. It’s idle. It’s idolatry in many ways, but yeah, the left has a very special relationship with the priesthood and it’s the right wing that is associated with biblical views of the world where man has dominion over nature.

[07:57] It’s the right wing that believes that man’s place is to be in domination over nature. Whereas on the left, the idea is that man is destroying the world and needs to live sustainably with nature. And even the idea of mother Gaia. Mother Earth is a pretty new idea. The idea of the planet as a fragile unit that needs to be preserved is one of the things that the space program has been pushing from day one. In fact, before we even had a picture so called picture of the earth from space, there was a movement by Steven brand, Steven Brandon, who was an activist and he was carrying around a painting of the earth saying, and it was called the whole earth movement. He was saying, Hey, NASA, show us the whole earth. We want to see

[08:55] a picture, and it wasn’t because he doubted it was a ball. It’s because he said, until we all see how tiny it is and how fragile the world is, we’re not going to take the claims of radical environmentalism seriously, and that’s what they have done since they’ve used the image of the earth and the idea of fragility in order to get people to buy into the notion of artificial scarcity and of course your carbon footprint, your consumption, bringing about the destruction of the world. Now, speaking of the priests of scientism, you have neil degrasse Tyson who is now a me too villain. Neil degrasse Tyson, as we know, um, he’s been accused of a number of things, a groping and so far for four of his accusers come forward for.

[09:54] No, I don’t know if a Stephen Colbert has come forward yet, but there was an episode of the Stephen Colbert show where he and Neil degrasse Tyson were in the back of a Mars rover driving around and Neil did get a little grumpy and he said it comes from his days as a wrestler. So I don’t know, maybe he’s just a little over affectionate, but you know, for women have come forward. And my point is this, Neil degrasse Tyson has been a poster boy for defending as they call them here, climate hero climate change. The belief in it. He’s the one who said 97 percent of scientists believe in it. Therefore it’s true. Well, if 97 percent of scientists say it’s true, doesn’t mean it’s true. Absolutely not that science by consensus.

[10:49] Oh sure. You could gather a 100 of your friends. Just go to a flat earth meetup, take a vote. Let’s do consensus science at the next flatter with meetup. There’s 100 of us here. Let’s take a vote. How many people here believe the world is stationary? Oh, well, look, 97 percent. Therefore it’s stationary because he doesn’t work that way, but it does. If they have a totally controlled echo chamber, which is what they try to maintain, that’s why they don’t bring people who actually have reasons to question the globe onto tv. They just rather would look at you from the perspective of this person’s wrong. Let’s mark them. They don’t really want to debate. They want to marginalize. They don’t care what the three percent have to say, what the one percent have to say. They don’t care what the dissenting individual has to say. Their role as the media is to drown you out. Why they’ve labeled all of us infidels. Essentially, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, you’re an infidel in the eyes of the media. Okay, so virgin galactic, latest flight has space. Tourism finally arrived, and this is from Forbes, and along with that, along with this space tourism thing, NASA came out, one of the astronauts from Australia in fact, and he criticized it. He criticized Virgin Galactic Galactic flight. He said Virgin Galactic is essentially running a very dangerous operation and going into high altitude plane like that isn’t the same as space travel and they even remarked that,

[12:39] no, not just a Richard Brandon, brandon, but all these guys. He says that it’s all just good sales. They said that the guy from Virgin Galactic, Richard Brandon could probably sell refrigerators to Eskimos and that’s coming from a guy from NASA. Okay, look more the misinformation factory or why youtube loves the flat earth.

[13:07] Many of the headlines I’m coming across are people just blaming youtube. It’s been very consistent. Why are they blaming youtube? And I started paying very close attention to this right after the harvest festival shooting because youtube had publicly said something that I thought would have caused something of a, a revolt, but it didn’t. And what they did is they said, we will not allow people to comment on these events on this shooting in particular, if they’re not from the BBC, ABC, NBC, The Guardian, basically mainstream. And the reason why they said, and this was a rationale they had given them, is they said too much conflicting information is making it difficult for people to find out what’s going on, which makes it harder for survivors of the victims to get information. It makes it harder for law enforcement. So the media is trying to make the case that they’re here to keep us all informed, to make sure we get the right story, which is not what they’re there for. The MSM is not there to inform you. It’s there to conform you.

[14:19] So right now as I see it, because they’re talking about the dis information factory, uh no, we’re talking about the free flow of information outside of the priests of scientism. If that’s disinformation, you know, if you can consider that disinformation, I don’t personally think so. I happen to think that information is somewhat neutral or should be. And we can all think for ourselves. We can all parse the information using our own critical thinking faculties. But what they want is for you to nod your head and obey with whatever they’re presenting. And the people who nod their heads and obey are the misinformed and most people are misinformed. The ones who don’t watch the news are uninformed, but they’re on the same side as the misinformed. So really this is a war between and it’s a worldview war, you know, its worldview warfare. Who’s going to win the informed that would be us or the misinformed. And then the uninformed who by default line up behind the misinformed because they don’t have any clue. I have a comment here. He says we need to address people encrypt the huge announcement this week, our satellites providing Internet. Just falsehoods. Yes. Okay. So there is no reason to believe in orbiting satellites, but we don’t reject the existence of satellites. You know, we use the word fake sometimes flippantly satellites or fake gravity is fake. We’re not denying the phenomenon. We’re not denying any of the information. We’re just denying. Rather we’re just questioning

[16:06] the interpretations that were given, you know, make media hit me up for an interview. And they said, I heard flat earthers don’t believe in volcanoes. And I’m like, no, it’s not that we don’t believe in volcanoes. It’s that we’re just questioning the causes of these things because we no longer blindly trust your scientists. Another one, the flat earth phenomenon, what it reveals about Youtube, and it looks like they scrubbed a bunch of those launches yesterday. Space X, blue origin. Not that these things are real anyway, but I want to show you something else.

[16:43] Okay. Here’s Jeff Bezos with his lead, the jacket crazy. Jeff Bezos in front of his capsule, the blue origin capsule, which if you want to know what that actually represents, blue origin blue blood. This is the top of the obelisk, the golden tip of the obelisk, which represents the royal blood, the Pharaoh, and that’s what he represents here. Uh, this is a, that the capsule itself is, is the emblem of the elite. They’re at the top of this thing. This is it. I mean this is their iconography. This is what mystery Babylon looks like in 2018. A lot of interesting things go stories about these people, you know, backstories and subtexts so would bizo. So there’s an interesting story about him and his origin, which actually ties into star man, but I don’t want to get into that right now, but later I will. I’ve done a lot of research into the character of Elan Musk, who I call the marsh and pope and I have a whole lot of ideas, a lot of stuff about Jeff Bezos.

[17:56] That kind of makes me think that there’s a bigger picture being told here, but that’s something I’ll get into later. But I’ve been looking. Okay. He postponed is launched the 21st now why would he do that? Why would blue origin postpone his lunch? Technical difficulties? No, this is all scripted. They probably have to time it to go along with the solstice. The new shepard. No, this is all horace. This is all sun. God symbolism. The new Shepard is horse. The new sungod reborn happening next week. So this is probably more than anything, just more a theater. This is their ritual. Like I said, this is mystery Babylon. When they carry their quote payloads to space, you’re just looking at the fertility, God, the obelisk being the fellas going up into the sky, which is the goddess and space being her womb. The payload dumped into space is the impregnation of the goddess to give birth to the son, God the new shepard the next day. And of course shepherd is one of the many titles of Horace. Okay, so you look at this space. I hate to say it. Okay. Look at the space Dildo here of blue origin, about the takeoff. And I’ve been watching these things because you know how fake thier we’ve been observing these very closely, but his in particular, this particular model, it looks very similar to the type used in North Korea. Then I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim Jong, I wasn’t just buying his fake ballistic missiles from Amazon. Check this out.

[19:43] I’m telling you that these big fake missiles are using the same technology, the same techniques, the same theater as the fake rocket launches. It’s just a, I believe it’s just a cylindrical blimp. Just being boosted up there. You know, it’s uh, I mean it’s, it’s not going into space. These aren’t not ICV. Ems to me, it’s like this one here, it looks even faker, but anyway, I’m looking at the bakery and the fake. Okay, look at this one, how it sways like a damn balloon. Okay? The fakery from these North Korean ballistic missiles looks just like the fakery you see from space x or blue origin.

[20:30] Anyway, if you’re afraid of these things, if you watch the nightly news, what would happen if North Korea launched a nuclear weapon? Okay. If you’re, you’re actually scared of this CGI here, then you have been terrorized by your government controlled media. This is the cult of the obelisk. They don’t care if you’re worshiping the thing as it goes up into space from the johnsons or the Cape. They don’t care if you’re believing it. That’s all they care about, so they don’t care if you’re watching a rocket going to space or if you’re worshiping the obelisk at one of the mystery Babylon fronts that we call organized religion, or if you’re cowering before a nuclear weapon. In all cases, you are sitting in front of your tv, that black cube in the corner staring at the screen and you’re groveling, or you’re kneeling or your adulating, but in all cases you are worshiping the cult of the obelisk. All fake. Nothing to fear. Probably a balloon. I mean, I mean really this is a. In all likelihood, it’s a cylindrical blimp, an airship that gets blasted up out of your sight, out of your sight, and in fact, in your sight, the thing curves, you know within the range of your site, you’re watching this thing go up and it arcs and why is it working? It’s doing its gravity. Tilt has to tilt into orbit. Rockets don’t go straight up into space.

[22:12] Now, this is a very important point.

[22:17] See this trajectory, why the arc? What’s called a gravity tilt? It has to fall into orbit, has to fall around the ball. It’s not going perpendicular in space, and whenever you watch these things and it’s within your range of sight, you can see the thing arguing. So then please explain to me why. When seen from the ISS, the same rockets are going vertically perpendicular from the ball to the stars. Watch this rocket going up. This is the progress rocket last month. You can see in this CGI animation, which they present as real and a lot of the brainwashed, they don’t even question it. You’re watching this dog go up. And so right now it has to be, um, I would say there we go a couple hundred miles up however many miles it is from the ground down here to the top of the screen where the however many miles that is. It is certainly beyond the range of human site. It would be out of our site from the ground, yet from the ground it curves. So what happened here, who’s lying? The guys in the ISS or the cameras on the ground who is lying here and inflatables are not a new thing. It’s a huge part of deception. Just look up inflatable tanks if you’re not familiar with inflatable tanks. What was the operation called? The. It was the ghost army, but there was the.

[24:10] Here we go, d days, parachuting dummies. And inflatable tanks, full sized giant inflatable decoys, tanks, nothing new. I mean this is it. This is machiavellian. They say, he said, never accomplished by force what you can accomplish with deception. So you know, ask yourself, you know this given that’s their ammo. That’s how they think about these things. What’s more likely that they’re going to go colonize the moon and Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and all that with today’s technology or that they’re faking it with CGI and blimps and other contrivances and that they’re just going to move people into planet tations styled to look like the moon, where you will do manual labor in your constrictive suit, remaining in your little fiefdom for the rest of your life thinking it’s progress.

[25:16] This is a nice one. Suv Twenty seven. Look at all these inflatables so don’t think they don’t have the tech or the knowhow to fake something. They faked the moon landing. And by the way, the easiest way to debunk the moon landing is to look for the moon because it’s not there. It doesn’t go off into the horizon, doesn’t go off into the distance. The Moon in all the footage is a relatively small object and according to the eyewitnesses, Aka Buzz Aldrin and Armstrong, the horizon bends as they walk around and it’s very disorienting, which is not true. There is no way an object the size the moon is said to be, would have any detectable curve from the point of view of a human being. We’re too small. We’re way too small, so I’m just looking at pictures of dummy tanks, but your whole space program is based on dummy rockets. Okay? Again, please subscribe to the channel. Go ahead and share, and if you didn’t know all of the archives are going right over to infinite plane and subscribe to that email list. You will get these to your email once per day. Okay. Stephen Curry 100 percent. Stephen Curry 100 percent was a influence operation.

[26:51] It was an influence operation to undo the damage by Kyrie irving because Kyrie irving was very problematic. He said, you know, the earth may be, maybe not. He was being ambiguous and this was really perplexing for people, but you know what, it is ambiguous. None of us have enough information to say unequivocally it’s a ball or it’s flat. We don’t, we need more information. And the people who have presented us the ball are concealing that information with lies and deception, theater and everything else. So I like the idea of Kyrie Irving asking this question in the way he was because he was being totally agnostic about it. And I heard on espn one of these sports media types saying that it’s wrong for irving to be agnostic and then he should stick with conventional knowledge. And I’m thinking, wait, this is a channel that talks about people dribbling balls.

[27:46] This is a channel about games that adults play for entertainment. And here they are talking about agnosticism. So I saw it as progress elevating discourse. I think the idea of asking questions and understanding a bit about epistemology and why we believe things, I think it’s a good thing. So kyrie irving has my respect for that and the media tried to drag an apology out of him. Uh, the covert new world order cry whore. Jimmy Kimmel actually tried two times to shame irving into going back to the ball, even giving him a basketball painted like a globe. And of course this all happened there at the masonic lodge where the Jimmy Kimmel show is filmed every night. That’s a masonic lodge.

[28:37] Okay. So Kyrie Irving, of course, did blame a youtube rabbit hole. They mostly put words in his mouth. I mean the guy doesn’t say all that much. He’s not that he’s being purposefully ambiguous, but he’s not saying more than he can back up. So anyway, Stephen Curry, and I think this is just damage control. Curry comes out and he says, I don’t believe the moon landing. And then Scott Kelly calls him up and they have a talk direct message via twitter. And curry goes along with Scott Kelly, who by the way has been confronted about bubbles in space three times. If you want to see if you want to show somebody how fake the space station is, tell them,

[29:20] look up bubbles in space. One of the easiest things to see, you know, you can’t deny what bubbles look like going through water and you’re watching bubbles going up around star man. I mean star man, the dog on Tesla roadster going around the earth was like, it looked like it was in a fish tank. It’s like, where are all these air bolt’s from? Did they not do any sort of editing beforehand? Were they filming this thing live in a tank and they didn’t expect. I mean what, what was the deal? But the problem I had with it is that nobody honed in on that. I mean there were other things like it was broadcasted is live and they did some editing after the fact. I mean the whole thing was shady. The whole thing was fake obviously, but the bubbles are one of the strongest points. And Scott Kelly has been hit up about bubbles three times in public.

[30:12] So he’s on his book tour. He’s got a book called infinite wonder, which I haven’t read yet, but I probably should just do my opposition research. So he’s going around trying to be a celebrity astronaut and he’s being confronted by people asking about bubbles in space, which is beautiful. Anyway, Scott Kelly calls up Kyrie Irving. I mean a curry and curry agrees that the moon landing is not a hoax. And then what’s worse, what’s even worse, and this is how you know that curry is being told what to say. He makes the point that yeah, it’s okay to laugh at the fake moon landing, but real conspiracies have real world effects and it’s not cool to not believe in climate change, for example. So they used him to advance the climate change, which is all just eschatology. Doomsday for atheists. Wrath of God has been replaced because it’s not as effective as it once was. It’s been replaced by wrath of globe. So listen to this, and this is the Boston Celtics point guard. This is irving because he’s asked about this curry thing because as I predicted, the instant that Stephen Curry’s comments got out about flat earth, I mean the moonlighting, I knew it would lead to flutter and it did. You know, on Fox five, they were talking about this and on Fox five, Greg Gutfeld said, well, you know, there are acceptable conspiracy theories like the lochness monster, like bigfoot, but flatter. It’s not one of them.

[31:59] And also he said that if you don’t think that people died at sandy hook, he would punch you in the face.

[32:07] Think about that. A Fox News comedian, a government gesture, a pundant suggesting that you ought to be punched in the face for not believing the news. I mean, that’s pretty bad. Anyway, here’s what Irving said about curry. He said, quote, we live in America where people say stuff all the time about one another and it’s mean. It’s bad. Kids see it. Everyone gets a piece. Then it’s the next story. There’s world hunger. There’s political things that are higher things on the totem pole of society that matter, but hey, Stephen Curry says he doesn’t believe in the moon landing and it’s all over the place. It’s on CNN and they say, we’re just jocks and we’re just athletes. People are blatantly disrespectful. Good point.

[32:49] He adds. It’s ridiculousness. I’m sorry. It’s ridiculous to treat another human being like that. People would do it behind screens on their phones and we need to learn as human beings had or treat and respect others and that is a good point too. Earth lunacy and he says, if you know any flat earthers, get me their real names and their faces so I can put it up here. So this guy, he has a degree in physics, he has a degree in astronomy, is this so called scientists anonymous though hides behind a little cartoon character and he’s got a website where he is hunting people who questioned the shape of the earth. It’s like, wait, I thought you were a scientist. Are you a scientist or are you on a witch hunt? If I’m a scientist, I’m not going to try to hunt down and intimidate or ridicule and expose people who don’t agree with my findings. That’s not scientific. So anyway, Kyrie makes a good point. I want to see if there’s anything. We’ll see what he says about curry here in this interview. Just a few seconds.

[33:57] Defensive presence of the team. I know you went through that stretch scoring 120 points that you guys are you guys talk about defense hub. Where’s it at in terms of what? In terms of how you guys are executing defensively recently.

[34:13] God, let’s go catch his breath before you hit them up. Anyway,

[34:18] my point being also is that a celebrity’s okay, so celebrities and he, you know, he remarked here if people call them jocks, you know there are people too and all that, but at the same time they are loose cannons from the points of view of the powers that be the fact that he’s got millions of twitter subs. Look at shack. You know these people who talk about flattery, it’s a problem because they legitimize it. Kyrie irving has been hit up by teachers who say, Hey, during the summer my kid, my students heard what you said, and now I have to do corrections, which I think is funny, but that’s really what we’re looking at here is these people are influenced agents. You wittingly or not. That’s just because of where they are. And so Stephen Curry, I believe, was brought out to do an influence of ration and Undo Kyrie Irving and replace it with. No, it’s not okay to question you. Just go to the guys who sold you the lie and have them reinforce it. So like a good boy, Stephen Curry calls up Scott Kelly, who’s a liar and a trader committing treason mean Scott Kelly’s not a good guy and

[35:27] I’m not just saying it because he’s a liar and he’s participating in government propaganda. But um, look, he lies to children. He’s part of not only is it about deception and lies and malfeasance and all that money aside, he’s part of the space program, which is a stalking horse for agenda 20, 30. So if you find the idea of neo feudalism repugnant, slavery repugnant, if you are opposed to the trend of big government types trying to control big media in order to filter our realities, to get us to not doubt climate change, wrath of globe, well then you can’t really recall Scott Kelly, a good guy because another, in other words, he’s a spokesman for totalitarianism. That’s what it really is. Environmental Ism is leading towards totalitarianism, no doubt about it. It’s easy to see and the space program is used and it has been from the beginning I talked about earlier, the whole earth movement. The space program has always been used to advance the idea of saving the planet one worldism environmentalism as a universal threat to serve as a basis for and a justification for a world state. Catholic means universal in Latin. The universal religion is your space program and it’s the heaven that they promise

[37:01] and this new universal religion has given you a wrath of God. It’s even given you sin. You didn’t know you’re a sinner. It’s called a carbon footprint.

[37:12] Okay, one more thing. Exorcisms have been a part of Christianity for centuries. I’ve been doing some research into exorcisms and beliefs in demons because it seems like this false flag alien invasion scenario has a new angle to it, which is aliens are demons. Not necessarily a new angle, but I want to point out that they don’t care how you interpret their big psyops as long as you don’t doubt that these things are real, so they don’t care. If you think Jews did nine slash 11 or Muslims did nine slash 11, as long as you don’t say nobody died on nine slash 11, right? So they don’t want you to doubt the whole thing. So when they roll out their alien invasion, false flag, they’re not gonna care. If you think it’s aliens from another planet or demons dressed up like high tech, all they want you to do is react to the threat. They don’t want you to deny it. And so what they have been calling us is denialists. You’re a climate change denialist what? Denialism? Well, there’s no such thing as denialism. It’s a pejorative. It’s like saying a phobic and it’d be like me saying, well, I’m not going to debate these globe believers. They’re just a bunch of flat of Phobes Flatev Phobia.

[38:40] So when they come up with terms like you’re a denialist while you’re a flat denialist, you know, these aren’t intellectually honest ways of describing things. This is just ad homonym. So I’ve noticed on the twitter feed of the fluttered society, the media hits them up. Are you denialist? Do you deny climate change? Do you deny school shootings? And of course they’re saying no. The official position of the controlled opposition, flattered society is that global warming is real one and two. It would be irresponsible not to believe in it. That’s them. That’s the flat earth society. Well, you know what? There is no global warming and if you believe that the globe itself is something to question, well then how can you have global warming? Because the data that we get is validated by the space program validated by their, into the entire pseudoscience establishment. That’s what gave you climate change while they’re the ones who give you the globe. So you can’t pick and choose. It’s not consistent. It’s not consistent that a flat earth society member would also believe in evolution, which they do. Well, evolution necessitates these long timelines starting with dinosaurs, starting with asteroids and mass extinction.

[40:00] So it just shows you though. It does show you how, um, this idea is being or has been largely held in the hands of people who are working for the other side. You know, controlled opposition really is a thing. And I’ve said for a bit that the infinite plane society is the opposition to the controlled opposition. You can see it everywhere. Is the NRA really there to protect your second amendment? Can you really make the case that the National Rifle Association is there to protect your second amendment when they do not call out David Hogg is a crisis actor, but they treat him as the character that he portrays.

[40:43] I mean, that’s all you need to know and it’s. And that’s a good litmus test by the way. You are not alternative news or independent news if you’re not auto hoaxing, and if you don’t know what auto hoaxing is, it is the vanguard of the truth movement. They’ve tried to marginalize it. They try to say, don’t go. Don’t go down that route. You make the rest of us look bad. No, actually it is the right course. If you. If you aren’t auto hoaxing, you’re not paying attention. And many people who recognize the space program is fake. They know these rocket launches or fake before they even go up. They know they’re not going to space. They know it’s a ruse and yet they trust the media sources that present that when it comes to anything here on the ground, well a lot. Okay. Now,

[41:33] one more thing about the media is they don’t want you to question their stories and so one way they get you to not question a gun control side of is to put victims in front of the viewers so that you feel guilty for questioning it. You feel guilty because you see these witnesses who are telling you what happened, but ask yourself this. If there is a mass shooting, we’ll just say it’s at a school. Okay. How come in all of these, and I’m talking 20 years, we’ve been investigating these. Go to [inaudible] dot network. We’ve done, we’ve been doing, we’ve gone back 20 years in our research on these school shootings and we’re building and building this up. Okay. At any of these events, you see news choppers above it while the event is live. Okay? If you have a live shooting at a school, what is your local news doing? Circling above it in a helicopter? How do they know there’s only one shooter? How do they know there’s not too? How do they know there’s not one on the roof waiting to shoot the media or the helicopters were the medivacs. Maybe the medivac chopper needs that airspace. And then here’s another one. Why are the eye witnesses talking to CNN the morning of the event?

[42:46] So there’s a shooting going on and the news company, CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, they’re all, they’re taking interviews. Hey, these kids haven’t even spoken to the cops yet. They haven’t given their witness statements yet. They are witnesses to a mass murder, witnesses to a crime. Witnesses to homicides should not be talking to the news. They’re jeopardizing the case. And if you didn’t pay attention like the Parkland shooting, uh, the guy had an alibi. I mean the event was fake, but one of their actresses got her lines wrong and she said, oh no, he was with me when the shooting happened. And we both joked about it and I called the news over there in Florida. And I said, hey look, you got an eye witness here who says that Nicolas Cruz didn’t do it? And the guy was like, well, we just got the story from such and such. In other words, they’re not interested in fact checking and you know that, and this is why we’ve gone back 20 years. I’m looking at this as 20 years of these stories going unchallenged means that these stories become a part of our official history and if you didn’t know,

[43:54] many times stuff that’s reported doesn’t even get questioned and it just becomes part of the statistics that we all just referenced. And so you know, I mean if you didn’t know how much of what you think is real is totally bogus, you could be forgiven for thinking that we’re in a state of war right now, that kids are being murdered in classrooms every day and stuff. You might actually think that those hyper realistic school shooting drills that they do every month in are necessary.

[44:26] But NPR, look this up. If you have any doubts about what I’m saying, I would look up the school shootings that never happened. The NPR national public radio was investigating all these shootings because of course they are. I’m in favor of gun control and all that, so they’re like, let’s go call these 250 schools that had incidents last year. Well, they started calling these schools up and only 11 of them, only 11 had actual events and these weren’t even shootings. This was like some guy brought a weapon. This guy brought a gun, so in other words, 250 school shootings that were reported weren’t actual school shootings,

[45:08] and yet when these talking heads are citing statistics to tell you how dangerous and violent this country is, they add that to 50 to their grand total. It’s called atrocity propaganda disguised as news and as far as the Christ sectors, why do they maintain their silence will ndas. They’re actors, they’re getting paid. And also when you look at these crisis actors and with Sandy Hook find many examples of this. Not only are these people actors, but many of them were anti gun activists anyway. Some of the major actors from Sandy Hook think his name was mark. Mark Kelly was his name. What was his name? Mark student find it. Who’s the one who was the father? And he also played a swat team member.

[46:11] Let me bring this up for you. Here we go. David Wheeler. Okay. So David Wheeler, and this was actually brought up on Fox News recently. So David Wheeler is this guy who played the role of a father, but then you also see them as one of these goofy FBI agents who god is gear from the local military surplus and didn’t even know how to put the cover on his Kevlar. Totally out of reg. I mean, come on. Anyway, Sandy Hooker, 100 percent. I mean, that’s what they are. They’re, they’re basically just horrors for the government. They’re propagandas agit prop. Take your guns, take your property, brainwash the kids to terrorize the kids. So before you feel sorry for these guys, um, let’s, let’s talk about what they’re actually supporting. They’re supporting terrorism of children in classrooms.

[47:03] Duck and cover your duck and cover drills, which is all there to get you to genuflect before the big explosive obelisk has been replaced by duck and cover. And then anybody can be the bad guy. Now they’ve made a universal threat. Anybody can shoot you a snitch. Culture is coming back, you know, everybody. Snitching is big now. Where sheriff Israel after Parkland was like, we got a one 800 number. If you see something, something. Do you remember if you see something, say something from right after nine slash 11, right after nine slash 11, people were saying, wait, this is terrible. They’re going to have a spying on each other, snitching on our neighbors. Well now it’s being encouraged and the kids are being encouraged. So tell your teachers if your parents have a gun and this goofball doesn’t know how to hold a weapon, can even figure out how to put his helmet on correctly. Anyway,

[48:01] my point is is that this guy, David Wheeler, was doing anti gun short films before Sandy Hook. I mean that’s where he comes from. So the reason why you don’t have any whistleblowers is that these people agree with the outcome. Let me think about it. If you believe, okay, let’s say you’re a true believer in this thing. You believe that people are being shot. People were being killed in classrooms. Then you could make the argument to yourself that, well, if we do a drill like this, we illustrate for everybody the dangers of guns. We will actually save lives in the future so they probably justified to themselves what they’re doing because they see it as we’re doing God’s work. We are dealing with idealists here. You know, when you’re looking at these types of people who believe in filtering your thoughts and using propaganda to control you, propaganda to lead you to certain things. That is, for the most part, what I would call. Um, here we go. Look at this here. This is, I’m sorry. I’m looking at pictures of this. Uh, this is the father of a sandy hook victim portraying an FBI agent. Look how he’s holding the weapon.

[49:20] Anybody’s been through bootcamp would know that this guy has never passed brm. Basic rifle marksmanship. So have. I mean, that’s my answer though. My answer to how come there are no whistleblowers. This is the new Hollywood. They’re getting paid very well. These are all actors. Couldn’t cut it in Hollywood. You know, they say politics is show business for ugly people. Well, actors, you can’t make it in Hollywood. They become government afters and here’s crisis actor in chief Barack Obama who has been replaced by now another crisis actor and chief. So if you had any hope in your political leadership that somebody’s going to call it out, you can abandon that. I stopped treating trump as anything other than another controlled opposition. Another Pied Piper. I stopped taking them seriously after Parkland, you know, he, he immediately responded with let to give my condolences. It’s tragedy. It’s like, wait, you gave it your presidential stamp of approval via tweet you. I thought you didn’t trust the news. I thought the news was bad. I thought you were against the media and that’s the issue here with people who are against the media. They know it’s biased, but when there’s a shooting, oh, it’s real.

[50:47] So it’s real. Whenever it’s something tragic and that kind of selective thinking makes no sense and it’s like, again, it comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of what the media actually is because the media is not there to report and tell you what’s going on. It’s not there to inform you. It is there to conform you. Okay. One final thing here. A fascist media angry that Alex Jones is still on Instagram, so of obviously we know Jones stooge and all that. However, it’s kind of like a canary in the coal mine. Look at how he’s treated. Look at how the media reacts to him and what he’s saying so you know what they’re actually saying about you and the mad that the Alex Jones Program is broadcasting on Instagram, so it wasn’t enough that he got kicked off of Youtube. They don’t even want them on instagram and the a newspaper. It’s a newspaper of all things. So you’re a newspaper and you’re pro censorship and so today censorship is being accomplished through surrogates and citizens, snitches, moral busybodies who all work in opposition to the free flow of information and I’m starting to call them msm. Fundamentalists. You probably know some.

[52:17] You probably know MSM, fundamentalists. People whose religion is the state religion and it comes entirely through their TV and they don’t question any of it and if they don’t question the space program, which is how you get to heaven if they don’t question the school shootings, which is this wrath of God hell on earth scenario if they don’t question it, they’re in it. They are in the MSM fundamentalist world view and it is a worldview and so what we call anti-media here in the anti-media dot network site is about this. Anti-Media is a stance not ignoring the news and being uninformed, not believing it to be misinformed, but rejecting it and opposing it. So anti-media is a stance in opposition to the state religion and of course the difficulty and opposing it is that their propaganda is so slick because they have merged Hollywood with news media. Check this out. 20 18 stories of the year, the gun debate. This is just a few minutes. I’ll play a few seconds of it. What you’re going to see here is propaganda designed to terrorize people about and you’ll recognize a lot of the faces here.

[53:32] We are literally living near a gun and honestly this is a sickness and other deadly school shooting in another American town that has infected the country. We don’t have a motive. Violence. We’ve just had enough of this constant carnage. We do need to have some gun control reform. This is a constitutionally protected rights. Will America’s gun culture ever changed?

[53:57] Keyword there? Gun Culture. Okay. Well, America’s gun culture. Is it a gun culture or is it a human right necessitated by the need to protect or have the balance of power maintained between the citizens and the government or is it a culture thing and the Cultural Marxists have been trying to get us to give up our property. They want to disabuse you of this institution of private property, so what do they do? Well, they got to take your guns to make it happen, but they got a guilt trip. You, they have to guilt trip you so that you go along with their crisis actors and all of the really agitation. You know, it’s like 10 minutes after a fake shooting. They already began agitating for gun control. Like the blood’s not even dry yet, the theatrical blood’s not even dry yet and they’re already talking about gun control, but this is bad watch

[54:56] shooting in Kentucky for at least one person is dead in seven. Others are injured. This happened in,

[55:02] so they create this immersive reality wherever where you go, like, here’s the president, crisis, actor and chief. Okay, and Emma Gonzalez. All these crisis actors and actresses so scripted.

[55:17] I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn illegal weapons into machine guns.

[55:26] There you go. There’s your political savior. Those of you on the outright and and those of you who believe that Emperor God, King Trump is somehow against the deep state. Let’s listen again really quick. This is the voice of your deep state.

[55:40] Those regulations to ban all devices that turn illegal weapons into machine gun directing the attorney general

[55:47] again q q. If you’re listening out there a q and on a. I got the voice of the deep state right here. You might want to write about this.

[55:57] I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn illegal weapons into machine guns.

[56:07] Yup. Donald trump is the deep state. He’s the deep state. He’s enlarging the space program and he believes in all the school shootings. What does that make him? He’s not secretly working for you. Does that some secret plan? Oh yeah. Stick with the plan. Believe in the plan. Where we go? One, we go all. There is no plan. There is no plan. Never has been. I mean the only plan that’s there is the one that was scripted before trump even got into office. Alright, this is the official theme song of the Auto Hoax Movement, auto hoax by chief Crowe and the flat earth worms. I’ll see y’all later.

[57:18] Cheat

[57:33] body.

[57:43] Nineteen 96, three eight.



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