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[01:07] those are striking term pricing. Okay, thanks for joining me. Today is December the 21st 2018 and as expected, you know, we’re approaching a winter solstice. And so the space program does their annual winter solstice ritual. And so if you remember last year about this time this happened, this type of light was shot over the skies of California. As you can see, very theatrical wasn’t a mistake, wasn’t an error, wasn’t a misfire, but people hit the ground, hit their knees and started saying, oh, it’s a Ufo. But know what this means here. This is the space programs may sonic solstice ritual, time to send up another fellow obelisk from Earth,

[01:58] okay

[01:59] to the sky goddess and drop a payload into the Queen of Heaven. So it’s earth, God’s Sky Goddess Obelisk there conjunction. And so he regard, that was last year. Now here we are again just yesterday. West Sacramento, same thing. They call it a mysterious light. What’s so mysterious about it? Mysterious light appears in the sky after rocket launch. Canceled

[02:36] again, same time. It’s just the timing of it, right? So I’m thinking mystery, which to me has me think mystery Babylon which centers on this fertility, right? So the stories, you know, God struck the Virgin Mary with a ray of light, impregnated her with a Christ child. You know, when you’re talking about the, the basic myth, it’s earth God, Sky Goddess. The, the um, morning brings about the birth of their child, the child of darkness, The Sun God. And so here we are at the winter solstice, which is where we are recognizing or rather the, the ritual itself recognizes the time of the year is synonymous with this Astro theological story, which tells you the cycles of the sun. And so the Sun God is about to be born. That’s what we’re about to see. So I wrote about this extensively. Here’s what it means. It means that the space program is not only faking space, but that the space program itself is just a newer iteration of an ancient world controlling power, which I call the cult of the obelisk in my book, the secret religion of the elite, which you can find on Amazon. The timing of it though, you know what? So, so next year, set your calendar 20, 19. Um, right about the winter solstice. They’re going to launch something in the sky and it’s going to be a big mysterious light and it’s going to be at night

[04:15] astro theology. Okay? Now here’s another one. This is something else I came across during my research the other day. Codex Gigis is a flat earth book. Okay? So here’s what if you’ve never heard of this. It’s a Pre Copernican illuminated manuscript. So many moon illuminated manuscripts are just the ones that have the really ornate artwork, the gilding on the side. So this is the largest medieval illuminated manuscript in the world. And they call it the Devil’s Bible because of this unusual picture of the devil and the inside of it created in the 13th century. So here you have this 13th century book.

[05:00] It’s a compilation. It contains everything in it. You could think of, uh, listen to this comprised of 310 leaves, a vellum made from the skins of a 160 donkeys or perhaps calfskin 320 sheets somewhere removed. Anyway, so I’m doing some research into this old manuscript and I find something interesting. There’s a section where it has pictures of heaven and earth and I’m wondering what 13th century, you know, everybody knew the world was a ball, right? Cause Ancient Greeks, some ancient Greeks saw a boat go over the horizon, which it doesn’t, but then they all knew it was a ball. So everybody knew. Cause it’s like the hundredth Greek Syndrome.

[05:40] Yeah.

[05:40] You know the hundredth monkey syndrome, if if a hundred monkeys, it’s a hundred monkey syndrome is the idea that like critical mass, if enough people believe something, the idea spontaneously just spreads to everybody else. So you teach one monkey how to wash the mud off the potatoes before eats it, and then all the other monkeys will suddenly know how to do it. It’s just hivemind bs. But anyway, they use this argument from ancient Greeks all the time. All the ancient world knew. So I’m like, well let’s see his arguments from ancient Greeks. Just another argument from authority, another appeal to authority fallacy. So here we go. Picture’s of heaven and earth, the paired pictures of heaven. And Earth, which have received little attention. And here we go. Now there discernible through the back page. And so you see him at Josephus, his feet. And of course Josephus is a historian who many believe actually wrote the New Testament. Okay? Anyway, look at this here. These are the two pictures that kind of bled through on the backside. You can see I’m clearly here. This would be the heaven and the green would be the earth.

[06:52] So I’m looking at these and I’m wondering, well, this looks like an effie map from the top, the sun and the moon and the stars. What is this exactly? So this would be you looking up at a disk of a sky, I guess. And then this would be the earth. So what it says here is quote, there was no shading that might’ve suggested that the earth was a sphere reproduced here on a flat surface. But instead the earth is presented as a flat disk. Again, this is 13 hundreds it says, quote, we cannot tell from the picture if the artist knew that the earth was a sphere, nor has the artist used any shading to suggest that the firmament was perceived as an arch or a vault. In other words, flat earth, flat sky. And apparently the person who wrote this wiki article and the description of these pictures is very troubled by it. In the description is actually like everybody knew it was a sphere. So we don’t know why he did this. So the Codex Gigis is a flat earth, flat sky book. Couple of days ago, the vice president was giving a speech about space command and space force and he shouts out, God and miss gendered America. Here we go. He says, quote, with God’s help, I know we will give America the defense she needs here on earth and in the outer reaches of space.

[08:35] So if anybody held out hope that there’d be political saviors or that flat earth was going to, you know, break in that somehow people in the government itself would acknowledge it or something. No, not at all. Not at all. And remember the space program is just an extension and a justification for agenda 2030 so if you’re not into environmentalism and eco fascism and Enviro statism, if you don’t want the commies to take over and make that the one world system, then you can’t get behind these fake conservatives like dom musc and the VP.

[09:12] Okay,

[09:13] here’s a piece of propaganda that came into my email. A little bit of Inviro agit prop.

[09:19] Okay.

[09:20] Climate change kills more than all fake school shootings combined. That’s my headline because I got this email saying we write to express our deep concern about the dismissal of the particulate matter review panel from the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee. Exposure to particulate matter causes more than 88,000 early deaths per year more than firearms and motor vehicle deaths combined, and the number is growing over time. As professional scientists, we object to sidelining science in the decision making process too. They want to sign and talk hersey. They want their scientists to dictate everything. It’s a theocracy. If you start changing public policy to avert the wrath of God, like, Oh, you can’t have that sin. Oh, can’t do that. Persecute those people because they’re pissing off God. You know, you’re a theocracy where you’re using your Bible to regulate people’s behavior in public policy. Well this climate change thing is just another form of wrath of God kind of re rebooted for the new age, but it’s a theocracy. These climate change theocrats are trying to get you to accept this whole premise that they can clean the air, which is like, oh, you can purge the world of sin. Yeah. So anyway, this is coming from just one of many environmentalist groups. I get emails from cause I like to keep tabs on where they’re going with this. Okay. Really quick, this is the new trailer for the rocket man. If you haven’t seen it yet, updated movie hasn’t even been out yet. It’s about to be

[10:58] California. Man is getting ready to launch himself into the air in a homemade rocket to prove that the earth is flat. My favorite barbecued moron,

[11:10] a lot of people got the idea that he’s just stuff coming, not, he might just be crazy. I believe in a geocentric platters model. This is America. We can believe whatever we want. People have lost faith in experts. Scientific facts are completely debatable. Big Earth isn’t. I’m not going to take anyone else’s word for it. I’m going to build my own walking right here and then we’ll see if known eyes wash shape more. Are we near mine? Look,

[11:36] any idiot can sit in their bedroom uploading conspiracy theories to youtube. What? It takes a spectral idiot to launch himself into space for the cause. What do I do if shit goes south? Did you leave a letter or something? What do you want me to do?

[11:57] Bob? Pick a spring, a leak and it’ll spoke so fast. It’ll tear you apart. That went live to this thing. Hey, I want to see my catch grow up and you don’t see their grandkids and stuff like that. Okay, that’s weird. You know these things are not easy to do.

[12:13] Let’s go get some reengineering my God to do something. In my case it takes everything and it will take everything from me.

[12:43] Alright, there we go. This is going to be interesting. It’s going to come out soon. The fighter through who made headlines around the globe. I mean, if they think they’re being cute, he made headlines around the globe, you know, the MSM types, but look, Washington Post New York Post Independent Forbes, NBC News, Comedy Central, Fox News channels, CBS, BBC, and that’s just mainstream. I mean, obviously he’s made the Internet. He broke it. Glen Clark is here, subbed for the 50th time. Appreciate it. This would be my 49th channel. So you’re, you’re right about that. This, hopefully this will be in life, real channel that sticks. It all depends. It all depends on if youtube can take action on my behalf against a community sensor, moral busybody, run amok.

[13:35] Okay.

[13:35] If you go to Tim you’ll find links to everything that we’re going over today. That Codex Gigis manuscript. Very interesting. I just really had to, you know, I kind of had to take a moment to examine this closely because it’s not just that he was presenting the world as a disk in this book, but it’s that we’ve been told from the day we started even discussing this thing, we’ve been told that everybody knew. And so where’s that argument now about how everybody knew, you know, it’s just not there.

[14:15] Yeah.

[14:17] Okay. And there was something else that was up today. Here we go. 2014 okay. So before flat earth, before flat earth broke into the mainstream, there was still this effort by the priesthood of scientism to attack people on the right, specifically accusing them of being anti science because of the climate change thing. But look at this

[14:48] one in four Americans believed in Geo without knowing it in 2014 so maybe that’s changed, maybe not. But listen, a quarter of Americans surveyed could not correctly answered that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. And this is from the National Science Foundation. So 2014 according quarter, the Americans couldn’t even tell you if the sun went around the earth or vice versa. And I often point out that it’s pointless to debate people who don’t even know what they’re defending. And even those who have accepted everything and regurgitate, well, don’t know everything, but they think they do and one change to their system and validates many of their arguments, if not all of them. So they don’t really have a leg to stand on, which is why I don’t bother debating. So it says an alarming as this is pretty interesting too, though. It says, as alarming says he’s deficits are, Americans are better on this question than surveys in China and Europe. So I guess the knowledge of ancient Greeks, maybe that didn’t permeate the Chinese, maybe it didn’t reach throughout Asia because apparently they didn’t all know it was a spinning ball. In fact, the Chinese pretty much had a flat world Kussmaul graphy until the what, 17th century.

[16:23] Okay. Now here’s something you may be interested in seeing happen

[16:28] and I’ll put a link. Um, so I have this idea that the flat earth report, newspaper Oughta have a top 10 predictions for 2019 top 10 predictions. We did it last year, top 10 fighters, predictions for 2018 iss going down, which there’s still time. I mean it has a hole in it, so it’s leaking. Maybe it’ll come down. But we’re looking at coming up with 10 more prediction. So what is going to happen for the fee in 2019 and I want to put them on the cover of the next edition of the flat earth report. So we’re probably gonna do a separate livestream specifically to put these 10 items together.

[17:17] So the flutters report is meant to be a tool in the hands of any one of you. You know, someone on the street flattered activist, you would have within it information to answer immediate questions and you wouldn’t have to defer to a Bible, you know, because I don’t think the Bible has anything more to do with the flat earth conversation then it does with the climate change discussion. I mean it does in the sense it doesn’t, a few ways. You know, maybe it validates, but we’re talking about perception here. That’s what we’re really talking about. You know, flat earth is really about worldview and whether or not you’re trusting certain experts and replacing one set of arguments from authority for another isn’t gonna cut it. So turning from science or other pseudoscience into religion is the wrong answer. It’s not pseudoscience into biblical Flat Earth Ism. It should be from pseudoscience into science. Science. The only reason why any of us are even questioning that the earth is spinning is because of science. The pseudo scientists have been telling us it’s been spinning the fake science. The real science is effie. So why would you bring a Bible into the conversation? I don’t know. I do know because the jesuits have learned how to infiltrate. This is their counter reformation, the counter reformation. You have the moveable type press people getting information unfiltered by the powers that be

[18:51] Bible in the hands of the common people. Something which was not meant to be translated into the vulgate, into the common tongue. So you weren’t even supposed to read it. The first few people, I mean look up, John Wyclef translated the Bible into the common tongue. And what did they do for him? I don’t think they killed him. I know they killed some of his followers, but I, I do believe they exhumed his bones, ground them into dust and throw him into a river. I mean they really hated people who did this stuff. You think they hate auto hoaxers look where they used to do to people who didn’t believe the Msm of the day. And so

[19:28] the way that they won, you know, after having had their whole system eviscerated is the jesuits infiltrated the institutions of education. They corrupted the science. And that’s exactly what they’re trying to do right now. So we have science coming back, let’s leave this new dark age. It’s a high tech, dark age, but it’s what it is, are our mentalities that have dark agers. They have us in this state of being believers, not seekers and followers. And when we question of course they want to deride you and try to get you back into the mainstream. So here people are finally deviating from mainstream science. And instead of recognizing that observational methods broke us out of the cage, they reach for what the jesuits used 500 years ago to effect a counter reformation. So to me, in many ways, biblical flat earth could be the new face of the counter reformation or he a part of it because we’re talking about infiltration and corruption. And I’m not speaking about the scripture themselves or the words I’m talking about the appeal to authority and who holds that authority.

[20:47] And when I say corrupt, here’s what I mean. Let’s take your view of history. And it was just go the last 50 years. If your view of the world comes from accepted history the last 50 years, and you as somebody researching the truth, um, somebody questioning what you’ve been told by the MSM sources, as you start parsing through it, you realize, well look, this was fake. That was fake. This was questionable. That was exaggerated. Fake News, fake news, fake news. And so all this fake news aggregated has something, has become something of a history. It has our modern history is basically whatever the MSM reported. That’s pretty much it. And so if we know for a fact that the m s m version of reality isn’t reality, then we know that, okay, one, their worldview is corrupt, it’s divorced from reality, but then also anything that you do based on that is founded on lies. And that’s what I mean by corrupt.

[21:55] Okay.

[21:56] If you were a student in high school and you were tasked with writing a term paper and write a term paper on violence in America, well your research would be tainted by 20 years of fake school shootings and more, I mean look up npr as a school shootings at weren’t where the media accidentally over reports things where they add in 300 shootings, there a thousand victims there. It’s atrocity, propaganda and it just slips through the filters. So if you were tasked with writing a paper on it, you would source everything appropriately, but your paper would be based on a vision of the world. That’s not real. You’re writing a paper about how America’s a warzone kids are hiding under desks and everywhere. Everybody is dying and the people on the right are just entrenched in it about their guns. And politicians are getting money from the NRA and so kids are being victimized over money and it’s like, no, nobody died. Nobody cried. And your term paper is Shite. And if that’s just your term paper, what does that say about your entire education? What does that say about your bachelor’s degree? Your master’s degree? Your Phd?

[23:11] Yeah.

[23:12] Corrupt. Corrupt, corrupt with occupy flat earth, which we will be rolling out here soon. Go to occupy flat, if you want to get involved, I’m going to bring back something from occupy Wall Street, which I know there were a bunch of lazy commies, a bunch of big government anarchists. However they were agitating for college loan forgiveness and that’s because they’re addicted to their indoctrination. They want more, they want to live free and all that. However, the idea of college loan forgiveness is something that does resonate with a lot of people who were aligned with this occupy movement. And so using occupy flat earth, I thought it might be appropriate to agitate for college loan forgiveness. Get your money back for any courses that you took where they taught you about dragons. I mean dinosaurs get your money back for any course. So they taught you about the wrath of God.

[24:05] I mean, climate change, get your money back for any course that talked about violence in America and how it’s unique to our culture because it’s all based on what corrupt news. And so science itself, the scientific method has been corrupted by consensus science. 97% of scientists believe therefore it’s true. That’s not how it works. The 3% may have information that changes everything. Well, the same with journalism. So it’s been reported by this news agency in this agency and these witnesses said this, but what if other witnesses have things that change it that would give you a completely different story? Should we ignore them? And that’s their view. Ignore the quote. Conspiracy Theorists,

[24:54] ignore the conspiracy theorists is the whole idea is like ignore the, and so you’re a conspiracy theorist if you don’t believe in what they’re telling you and what the MSM is doing. And it’s not just about a few companies, ABC, NBC, BBC, I’m talking about the world view that they all share. So you may think that CNN and Fox are antagonists that they don’t like each other. Well, guess what? They share the same worldview. Greg Gutfeld may mock climate change as a hoax and a conspiracy theory and a belief system. And yet he says that anyone who doesn’t believe the official story of Sandy Hook ought to be punched in the face by him. So I was like, yeah, come at me. Uh, Greg Gutfeld please. So you were talking about politics.

[25:48] Yeah,

[25:48] the worldview. So is trump really against the media? Is he standing up to the media because he, you know, he postures during these press conferences. Not at all. A Globe Cook. Trump signed the executive order for Space Command. It’s really all you need to know. Not My president. Donald Trump just set the stage for the next nine 11 event. This one being of an extra terrestrial nature, and that’s where they’re going next. Wants to discuss the Mars thing for a minute here. Okay. So NASA has just revealed a Martian [inaudible] rock garden that they built in it Pasadena warehouse in it. What does it without her space? The old warehouses, Pasadena, California, Jpl, Jack Parsons laboratories. Look Up Jack Parsons. If you’re not familiar, if you want to know what we’re talking about when we say that the space program is just a new iteration of mystery Babylon, the head of this modern iteration of mystery Babylon. You know, Alistair Crowley, um, he had his American counterpart, Jack Parsons, who was right there at the founding of jpl in Pasadena, and the guy openly talked about how the rockets to him were obelisks. He would read the hymn to pan a poem by Alistair Crowley about this fertility God. While these rockets are blasting up into the sky, which they called Newt, the sky goddess. Then in all of the the texts, they always have this thing they called the steel of revealing. And let me show you really quick.

[27:42] Okay? Now this does have quite a lot to do with NASA as crazy it is as it is, because the, just from their very founding, one second. Okay, here we go. I found a copy of it on etsy. We’ll take a look. You’re going to like this. Okay. So the story goes, Elisha Crowley was out in Egypt doing his research and

[28:14] he has a synchronicity where, um, he notices that the 666 steel, and that’s what these things are, these panels. So there was 666 of them or more, but this was the, the one that had that number. And so he, it piqued his interest because he called himself the beast. And so he took this particular image. He did a lot of blow and he spent three days binge writing a book called Book of the law. Book of the law is the Bible of the religion of the Lima, which is what you would call mystery Babylon today. And so it’s a Greek word. It means we’ll, okay, so, uh, stretched over the top, you know, this is their goddess of the sky.

[29:07] And so in all of their, in, in all the poetry and all the stories in this book, I mean, it’s, it’s like really bad poetry if you want to read it. You know, I don’t highly recommend it, but it always talks about this eternally, a reoccurring conjunction between the slain God oh cyrus and the goddess, the night sky. Well the God who Cyrus is, the God with the, or the he’s, he’s represented by the obelisk is a fertility God. And so the obelisk on the ground pointing up at the goddess, the sky, um, this is all just ritual. The gastric reenactment of the mysteries. And this is what they mean by mystery. Babylon as in the mysteries of reproduction, reincarnation, death and rebirth, conception, gestation, all the hidden processes of life. And it’s all happening within the night sky. You know, it’s the goddess, but space is her womb. So what they did was they took this addiction and Babylonian mythology, astro theology, and they just wrote up there space program as

[30:13] a [inaudible]

[30:15] new edition, a new iteration, kind of like how you could worship Jupiter or Zeus or Jehovah or any number of deities that would pertain to that same star, you know, this or the same light. So Mars is also known as areas, just different faces and they, they just slightly change things. So when they switched from obelisk to rocket, nobody noticed. And Jpl was a huge part of that jpl and Jack Parsons. We’re also, this is also where you had the intersection of NSA’s l Ron Hubbard, you know, coming into this group and you know that that’s a totally different, you know, it’s a totally, um, uh, I dunno.

[31:07] Okay.

[31:10] Don’t know if it’s something that can be explained easily to people who aren’t really aware of what we’re looking at. But let me, let me show you what I mean. Cause it’s has pertained to this Martian thing. Okay. So we’ll go with this. And I think it’s important to understand this because it’s too easy for conspiracy theorist to say, oh it’s the Jews or it’s it’s satanists or they are the reptilians or whatever. Nobody has anything specific. And here, um, we have something very specific. Here we go. Crowley’s Bible proclaims the law of the Lima. And there was that image I was going over today just a few minutes ago. Okay. So here’s what I want to talk about really quick here. The Ayaan of Horace, cause this is what started with the space program. So history broken down into a series of aons. The last three were isis. Oh Cyrus and the current one horus, which began in 1904. So they actually say that the new age started in 1904. Okay. So at the dawn of the space program, you have the leader of this cult, this d’alema Colt of right there at dead center. And he and l, Ron Hubbard, we’re involved in ritual magic in this practice of worshiping ancient rites I guess would have initiation ceremonies. It was a secret society. And Anyway, my point is this, um, horace is the Egyptian version of Mars. And so here he goes on the Aon of Mars. Crowley’s right writes this,

[32:55] okay,

[32:55] because your space program is really about Mars. Horace was the crowned and conquering child who dies, not but goes ever radiant on his way. Like I said, a lot of bad poetry. Uh, let me find you the parts that are relevant though to where we’re looking because slaves shall serve is one of their dictums and, and I think it’s pertinent here because the Mars program to me is, uh, returned to slavery. It’s feudalism. It’s really what it is. Um, it’s a slave system.

[33:37] Yeah.

[33:37] I call it a planet Taishan system instead of plantations. It’s a plantation that looks like a planet. Looks like you’re in Morris. You’re under a dome where you’re probably gonna end up in Antarctica or maybe China. Okay, here we go. Slaves shall serve.

[33:59] Yeah.

[34:02] And it’s amazing how the people who believe in this today, the practitioners today, um, have different ways of explaining away what this means by slaves shall serve. What does it mean if it views all people is free and sovereign? What does it mean that they’re slaves? Well, it means that you’re free and sovereign and you’re a god if you’re one of the initiated. And this here, this is the imperial orb of the Holy Roman Empire. Okay. On that Codex Gigis earlier I was discussing how it was the 13th century. Why were they representing the world as a disk? And the sky has a disc. Well, in the wikipedia article on that topic, it said, of course everybody knew it was round because the imperial orbs, they reference these things. So the, the symbol of a globe say symbol of domination existed long before the globe was ever used as an actual

[35:06] map.

[35:09] An ancient grove globe topped with a cross Christian symbol use since the middle ages to emphasize dominion. But you can find Jupiter holding this globe. So, you know, he says even before Christianity, Pagans used a globe as a symbol of authority. And of course pagan. When they say here, what was it really mean? Mystery Babylon. I mean, NASA is a pagan religion. The Lima is, I mean, pagan is just one of these words to describe, um, these religions that have to do with nature and the cycles of nature, astro theology, that’s pagan. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that’s what it is. And in fact, Christianity’s pagan in that sense. It really is. Christianity’s Astro Theology, theological. It’s pagan. Find me a religion that’s not pagan police or somebody find me a religion that is not based on the movements of the stars and the cycles of time. Because to me, all religions are pretty much just pagan. That’s what they are. It’s about life. So anyway, holding one’s hand, and now this, this is a big one here. Holding one’s hand over the globe or under having the globe under the foot was a visual message of established power and supremacy over the world.

[36:35] Okay?

[36:36] So if you remember about a year and a half ago, there was this bizarre ritual, I guess you would call it. We’re trump, and these others were holding onto a glowing globe in Saudi Arabia. Remember this thing? Bizarre glove ritual. Well, this is them. This is them. Not You, not us. Those of you who are in the MSM, fundamentalists, reality.

[37:09] Cool.

[37:10] You’re not in on this. You know, you are the ones who are dominated by the globe. These are the ones who are using it to dominate you. The Globe is a paradigm. It’s a worldview.

[37:23] Yeah. The term pagan. Someone who lived in the countryside, not urban city or heathens, you know the people of the heath, you know all the words. Basically just mean like with anything else. It’s just the outsider. It’s not really a value judgment. Okay? So the spread of Christianity led to the modification of the orb symbol. They added a cross on top to send a message about Christian dominance over the world. It says here, it was adopted by powerful Christian rulers and made part of royal regalia symbolizing that the emperor or king controlled the world on behalf of the Lord. So you stab across into the globe. So the symbol is seen as the an indication that yeah, they ruled the place Christ is depicted as holding this as the savior of the world image you may have seen. So anyway, let me get back to, let’s get back to the politics of the Lima. All right. Okay. So as I was saying, oh, the Lima is just the esoteric version of Christianity. That’s an important point. The primary ritual that they celebrate. It’s not like sacrificing goats or any of that Hollywood stuff.

[38:51] What the the Lee Mites do is they practice what they call a gnostic Catholic mass. And the gnostic Catholic mass is nothing more than a Catholic mass for those in the know, which is what gnostics are, the gnostics know that the religion is astro theological and it has a god and a goddess. And so when you’re in church or let’s say you’re a true believer, you know, you’re sheeple, you’re over at one of these churches maybe in, I don’t know, Chicago or something where they have hundreds of priests going around raping kids and nobody rounds them up. So you’re a true believer and you’re drinking the wine and eating the bread. You know, you’re hitting your knees, you’re doing the whole thing. Well, um, you may feel like you’re in on the religion, but actually the joke’s on you because you’re not actually eating flesh and drinking blood.

[39:47] So your ritual cannibalism isn’t really ritual cannibalism. It’s actually the seed and the egg. It’s the, uh, menstrual blood is what the wine symbolizes. And the communion wafer symbolizes the male seed. I mean, so you’re putting that in your mouth. That’s the conception. I mean it’s sex magic. That’s what is at the center of the gnostic Catholic mass in the Lima. They call their communion wafers cakes of light and light is a euphemism for what they put in the batter. I mean it’s gross. It’s gross. I was um, going to a t, well, I was going to observe one, a gnostic Catholic mass in this place called the soul of the desert. It was a thoroughly my lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And I was very curious about why are they practicing Catholicism, you know, just part of my research. And then I learned that really the new age movement and Catholicism or the same, it’s all about, I mean really just different iterations. And so that’s when I started to see that there’s no difference between new age, between NASA, between, I mean, unless they, no difference. I mean it’s just nominal. An obelisk is a novelist. If it’s a rocket or if it’s a, a stone monument or if it’s a nuclear warhead, there’s so many different ways of the cult represents its power, its dominion, the glow being one of them.

[41:19] And what this has to do with the discussion is we’re talking about j p l okay, so we’re talking about jpl and the Mars simulation that they built there. A Martian rocket. A rocket garden. Okay? Now here’s the thing again, we are in the age of Mars. So this whole phonemic religion, it’s really nothing more than mystery Babylon, but the god that dominates this particular version of it, of course, is of a marsh and character. It’s Mars warship, age of horses, Maura’s worship. So going to Mars, the arc to Mars, it’s all just code. It’s all euphemism. It’s all exoteric explanations for the uninitiated. And we are not initiates into the system, but we are people who have studied enough and we’ve unraveled enough. We’ve read their books so we know they’re not actually going to this place called Mars, but we are entering into a Martian age.

[42:27] That’s what the new age is. The age of Mars represents a return to agrarianism as in a, um, a gray and reformation, a breakaway from everything postindustrial revolution. It has to be sustainable here on earth. Anyway, it’s all about sustainability. It’s about feudalism. It’s about restraining your ability to damage the world under the pretense of saving the world by getting into live in, in closed systems. You’re enclosed system may be a walled up city. It may be a dome, one of these Mars cities, but it’s all about the simulations. And why are they building these simulations? And here’s why. Look at this. Crushed rocks simulate marsh and sand. Bright yellow lights mimic sunlight as it appears on Mars engineer’s paint sticks only recreate landing area of craft from high resolution pictures. So these Mars cities like the one that they have in the UAE are more than likely just going to be preparation areas where people go before they’re deployed to the actual Mars or something. I mean, that’s kind of the idea here is they get you used to living in isolation. There are people who have actually spent already years in Morris simulations to get used to living in these conditions,

[43:46] but look at all the artistry. So it’s not just CGI now. Now they’re actually, um, building scale models of the landing zone. And why? Well, obviously here they’re just reconditioning. Uh, re I’m creating the exact condition so they can practice as they say, well show us, you know. But anyway, it just shows you if nothing else, they have the technology to fake it all. They’d been faking moon rocks for how long? You know, Buzz Aldrin passes up a stone and he says it’s a moon rock and he sells it for half a million. Okay, now look at this. Ellen shepherd hits a golf ball on the moon. Lately I’ve been thinking, we give these people a pass. The ones who say, oh, I believe the space station is real. I believe that there was a tesla roadster go into Mars. We give them a pass all the time.

[44:49] Okay.

[44:50] And I think we do so because, well it’s not that we give him a pass, but like they have a little more leverage. So you want to believe the space station’s there, go for it. But we kind of like what, what are we going to say? They trust the news. They trust the president who talks to these people on the ISS. So it’s a little realer to them. But now I’m looking again at the Moon landings, the manned moon missions. So cold here. The are golfing on the moon.

[45:20] Yeah.

[45:20] And I’m thinking, well why should we limit ourselves to holding them to the ISS? Let’s make them own this stuff. The footage has an aged, well, it’s very laughable actually. It’s, it’s, this is comedy and if you, if you watch this moon landing stuff,

[45:43] there we go.

[45:49] Okay. So anyway, this stuff is unbelievable. And so the same people who defend the space station have to defend this. Like you can’t cherry pick from your Bible if you’re going to believe in the whole thing. You’ve got to buy into all of it. And so I’m saying, why don’t we just kind of, um, for a time here, why don’t we focus on the past

[46:17] on these past missions and make them own it. Do you find this compelling? He did make the burn. Does this look real to you? I mean, I’m looking at some of the, this footage and I’m like, wait a minute. You have Neil Armstrong climbing down the ladder on his first step. And I’m like, well, who actually is the first man on the moon? Neil Armstrong climbing down the ladder. Or The guy who videotaped him climbing down the ladder. Anyway, here’s, here’s my main deep bunk on the moon. Okay, here we go. Where is it? So you see the sunlight, you know sensibly the sun is coming from the right and it’s lighting up the side of the astronaut. And you can see it clearly here. You can see the grounds lit up. But now I’m asking you what’s beyond, you see the cameras focused on this little bit of land, but what’s beyond that bit of land? What’s over that hump?

[47:16] Okay,

[47:16] if that’s a hill, there should be more land behind it and there should be a horizon line. Where’s the horizon line? You can’t tell me. That’s the horizon line again. Where’s the horizon line?

[47:30] You see how bright they are? Okay, so this is a Sunday morning. You can see the shadows behind him. So how come the moon behind the astronauts isn’t there? So my new debunked the moon is, where is it? Please show me where the moon is. I can’t find it. I can’t, I can’t find them in.

[47:53] So this is the stuff I want. People who believe in the program to own the space walk stuff is incredibly corny and bad. I mean it’s ridiculous. The bubbles of space and all that. But look, some of this older footage, do you find that believable? Complete

[48:10] the command module in lunar module and maneuvered to docking.

[48:15] Okay. Yes. This does this look to you like video footage of an object floating in space. You have to hold your opponents to their own rule books. And so if you’re, I’m going to defend glover earth, the spinning ball model. Then you have to own this. You have to look at this. Didn’t say yep, that’s real to me. I mean this is like bee movie stuff. Oh No. What do we have here? Beer sheets. Spacecraft. Ready for 2019 launch. Okay, now here’s another one. Earth rise again. Where’s the horizon? Okay, we have another lander that’s ready. Beer sheets, spacecraft ready for landing. Final components installed. Time capsule holds digital best of humanity.

[49:32] Somewhere on the moon between the landing sites of Apollo 15 and apollo 17 another incredible mission to our lunar body as soon set to arrive, but it isn’t the Apollo 16 it’s these Railey ben a sheet or genesis spacecraft. According to [inaudible] tabby VCO space I’ll which led the project. The craft is now completely built, tested and we’ll be ready to ship to Cape Canaveral in a few weeks’ time for launch. All that was left to do was close the cover and install the final component of the craft and digital time capsule on the capsule, a singular desk, our files of children, his drawings, photos and other such information on human culture and history. The banner sheet craft is said to take off from Florida in a few months on a space x Falcon nine rocket and it’s scheduled to arrive in a so called soft landing. If successful Israel would be the fourth country to ever carry out this type of descent onto the surface of the moon with an unmanned craft. This will also be Israel’s first longer range Israelis spacecraft of this type. It stands at about 1.5 meters or five feet tall. And as for carbon fiber legs, then in addition to the time capsule

[50:34] and it’s got about 50 yards of aluminum foil. Okay. So these people, I’m unfortunately for them, our dupes, these are people who want to go get money back for their college degrees. I mean really this is your priesthood here. And they’re true believers. They may not be in on it. I really doubt they are. They probably believe what they’re told. They’re super compartmentalized.

[51:06] Okay.

[51:07] Dupes to be sure. Uh, I mean they all believe that there was a tesla roadster floating to Jupiter. And because we don’t have these uniforms, and in this, um, this getup of course, and the white, the symbolism, it’s all very clear to me that this is your priesthood and then this is one of their totems they’ve created for you. And you know what? Good for them, good for them. You know, they can defend this system. I guarantee these people also believe in global warming. 100%. They believe in global warming. So Israel is going to have a capsule land on the moon. Unmanned. Of course. I wonder how that’s gonna go over. Well, you know, if it’s gonna go over well with some of the others, like you have a other countries in the world. This is what, this is what they’re kind of doing here. I think too, that are going up there, may not get along here on earth, but they get along in space and that’s part of this new age, one world religion thing too, is it’s like getting all of the world on the same sheet. One world religion, outer spaces, your one world religion.

[52:20] All right, so let’s take a look and see if there’s anything else. We’ve Elon Musk’s space x can colonize Mars and build a moon base. I was looking at the moon yesterday as it came over and you know, I’m thinking, well actually there are people around me who actually are conceiving of it as possible that hey, look, our grandkids may actually live up there. Like they’re looking at the moon, like a place where you can go live. The brainwashing is a hundred percent complete. Uh, Stephen Curry, I believe was put out there to do damage control against Kyrie irving to say no, it’s not okay. Just to ask questions for argument’s sake, just believe, believe, believe. So Stephen Curry calls the fraud charlatan and treasonous liar. Scott Kelly, he calls him up and they have a little talk about how the moon landing was real. Didn’t ask him about bubbles in space.

[53:18] Okay.

[53:19] So kyrie irving responded to what curry said about moon. Kyrie irving has some serious thoughts about Stephen Curry’s moonlighting take and he says, okay,

[53:36] I hate that it has to be a subject of something like that where you’ve been taught science within our own classrooms. And as you get older you come into things you have questions about. It’s natural to do that as an adult, as a kid. So Kira is still defending that you get new information, you should be able to ask questions. So he was asked if it bothers him that people don’t think Stephen Curry should have questions about the moon. That’s what NBC said. Does it bother you that Steven Curry has questions about them or do you, does it bother you? Does he doesn’t think people sessions? Like, should we even be able to ask good.

[54:18] Those people, those of us here who have delved into this a flat earth discussion have witnessed firsthand how there are a lot of people who are just against debate. They’re opposed to discourse. They would rather just have it settled. Science don’t question it. That’s like, um, some religious people, they don’t debate their Bible. It’s my faith. I’m not going to debate it. They don’t want it to be questioned. And so irving here is an advocate for asking questions. You know, still think that a Kyrie irving is probably one of the leading intellectuals on flat earth as he has been an advocate for agnosticism. Now, speaking of the Mars preparation centers, the Mega Dome in Dubai

[55:15] is still going to be completed. There’s a little bit of a slowdown. 8 million square feet. This is a domed city paradise. They’ve made more of. The world will hold hundreds of buildings, 20,000 hotel rooms, transit system, indoor theme park. The climate inside will be carefully controlled. The Truman oh thing could really be done. Actually it has been done. I mean I happen to think that Disneyland itself and then if you look at Disney and von Braun together, it’s very illustrative of what I’m going to go over here. Just the fact that these two are hanging out. So like l Ron Hubbard hanging out with with Jack Parsons should reveal something to you. And here you have von Braun and Walt Disney, very revealing Nazi brought by the Vatican as in Rome. Rome sends this guy over and what did the Nazi scientists have that was so special? They were all about

[56:24] rockets and world view warfare

[56:31] and what the space program is. Okay. I call it the new religion. It’s the new heaven, but the, the, the rollout of it, all the events, the story, the characters, the rockets going up, the man moving up there and how it ties into everything. This whole program itself from the beginning and has been a long indoctrination process into a world view. And it’s interesting they call it worldview because the idea of co of one worldism and saving the planet really accelerated when we started seeing images of the whole world as presented from outer space. And with that would come the idea that, oh, it’s also very fragile and we need to protect it. And so then now where does Disney come into it? Well, Disney presented the masses with the imagery. They would need to conceptualize everything that would be presented to them by the scientists later. And then Disney land itself to me is a truman show. I mean, what does the Truman show? The Truman show is just an enclosed system where all of the cultural inputs are controlled. Nothing gets in that doesn’t fit the paradigm, and everybody stays in character. So when you’re the person who buys a ticket and you’re just walking around Disneyland, you live in a totally controlled environment, a simulated reality for all intents and purposes. So Disney is a master of creating these worlds where it’s created in your mind. At first,

[58:15] when you’re a kid, you’re watching cartoons. Disney and Disneyland exists in your mind, in your imagination. You know all the characters, but then when you go there, it’s real and you know all the characters. And now of course you know it’s people in costumes. But the idea here is that when you’re a kid, um, you’re going from, they’ve created it in your mind and now you go to a place where it becomes real. So they have been creating outer space in your mind and you’ve been having it drummed into your consciousness since you were a child. And then as an adult, they’re going to bring you a Disneyland and it’s going to look like a lunar base. It’s going to be a more space. So I’m saying outer spaces, Disneyland, and if you believe in outer space, if you believe in the moon base and the Mars basis as places that we’re going to go, you might as well put Mickey Mouse ears on your head because you’ve been indoctrinated into this Disneyland space religion, this one world utopian endeavor. That’s what it

[59:22] is. You get everybody in the world on this sheet with the space program. It doesn’t matter what their other religions are, doesn’t matter what their politics, their national distinctions, whatever it is that would put people at odds with one another while we’re all united on this.

[59:37] So outer space is your one world religion.

[59:41] Yeah.

[59:41] This is what’s so funny about Alex Jones. You know, he’s all about the new world order one world religion. Well, if you really feared that stuff, you might wreck, you know, if he really believed that that was the big thing that they’re going to unite everybody. Well, look at what is actually putting us all on the same sheet. Global warming, climate change.

[01:00:03] Yeah.

[01:00:03] Universal threats. And the space program is here to validate all of the universal threats from asteroids from above to telling us about extinction events in the past. Uh, looking at other planets to show you how, you know, what they have done really is they’ve created a worldview brought to you by the Nazis, brought to you by von Braun and Walt Disney and a religion. Okay. So I’ve replaced in my thinking and my thinking when I think of religion, I no longer think of it as you know, spirituality or something like that. To me religion is just a worldview and it’s an enclosed system for your mind where you put constraints, you put boundaries on what you accept, what’d you don’t accept. You have your tenants of your faith and you defend those. A religion is a closed system, worldview and the priests of scientism into the fake science and the fake journalists. So you got pseudoscience and you got pseudo news, fake news, fake science and they bring you your new world order of religion, of outer space and becoming a multiplanetary civilization.

[01:01:19] Yeah.

[01:01:21] All right, go ahead and subscribe to this. If you haven’t subscribed, this is the channel that’s going to stick. Go to infinite plane, as well. If you want to get these live streams directly to your inbox every day. Um, I’m going to be back later and I’m going to start taking calls in the evenings. I’m just waiting for clearance from youtube that I can, you know, with confidence. Keep my videos up without them being taken down by a bunch of them. Weirdos and jealous. Nobody’s with nothing better to do with their time than try to police the thoughts of others. So screw the moral busy bodies. This is strong by MVP.

[01:02:12] Ah,

[01:02:31] [inaudible]

[01:03:02] [inaudible]

[01:04:04] [inaudible]

[01:04:32] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

[01:05:26] [inaudible].


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