[00:02] Those are striking terms. Pricing. All right, thanks for joining me. Today is January the second 2019. This is the flat earth report. If you want to be the most informed flatty on your block, you do have to know what we are talking about. Over here. We go through the headlines for the most up to date mentions, discussions and research related to this topic. This topic is not about geography. Common misconception. Common misconception is people think that flat earth is about geography and they saw the picture of the ball. So it’s ridiculous. Well, it’s not about geography, it’s about the worldview and the infrastructure that makes such a deception possible. My contention is that this is a religion. The state religion is pseudo science and pseudo media and they put you on your spinning ball model with the attached science fake history and its panel of fake experts to Truman eyes your life by Truman eyes. I mean they turn you into a uh, Truman show contested surrounded by liars who tell you where the boundaries are and you have no proof other than their word. So he was a piece I came up across denial, denialism debunking denialism and that’s a word I’ve been suggesting we all keep an eye on is denialism because that was thrown out at climate change deniers at Holocaust deniers. And so the term denialist is what they mean for anybody who’s a nonbeliever in one of their sacred stories,

[01:52] one of their foundational myths. So in many ways you could say sandy hook, Littleton, these are foundational myths. It changes the story, it changes the narrative about how the world view the MSM worldview seize guns and our role in this country as citizens facing the fact that we have rights to own these things that cause all these things. The exact same thing goes for outer space. They landed on the moon. You accepted as an article belief. It’s Neil Armstrong walking on the moon was a a state miracle. Just like if they’re god king walked on water.

[02:37] So questioning that of course calls into question everything. Since everything that before the science at holds that up. And we look for explanations, we look for information to understand what’s actually happening. And we come across individuals like don petite who say we’d go back to the moon in a nanosecond, but we lost the technology. We lost the technology. So we are the doug. The denial is here. You know, we’re the ones in denial of reality. No, not true where adhering to it and adhering to reality means we don’t believe things for which there was no evidence or for which the evidence presented is eminently debunk a bubble. So if anybody is in denial, it’s the believers in the moon landing or in any of these state sponsored miracles and foundational myths with their martyrs and their stories and they’re effective. They really are. They can conduct a fake shooting event, a fake terror event, and none of the crisis actors will cry. There’s no real blood other than the attrical blood, if that, if they show you anything, and yet the next day you will see candlelight vigils and people crying. You will see American blood services sucking up gallons of blood from the dupes. So they do get blood and tears. It’s just not authentic.

[04:09] So debunking denialism. Why bother debunking flat earthers? That’s the article that I’m referring to here because what they are doing is setting the stage for how they’re going to handle us. So marginals at marginalizing us didn’t work, marginalization, let’s just push into the side, keep them on the fringe, so they want to keep you on the fringe that that’s the main reason why they tried to misrepresent and mis characterize who you are. You’re not a bad person because you don’t trust Anderson Cooper, but they want the people who do trust. Anderson Cooper to see you as a monster, as a nonbeliever, as anti-science, as anachronistic, as a dark age or as a pagan. You see, we live in a scion talk. Hersey and anybody not fully on board with the claims of modern science is therefore seen as anti science. Well, we’re not anti-science. The dominant paradigm is anti-science.

[05:15] If it was pro-science, it would look a lot different. People wouldn’t be accepting things on faith. Reason and logic would rule, not mob rule and whatever we can convince the mob is true is true. That’s what we have with our lynch mob. Chicken, little bloodthirsty media, it’s the wizards of Oz. And they are just literally fabricating a reality. They create Disneyland on bars, you know, fictional maurice face, fictional lunar base, fictional linner gateway fictional space station. But they get enough people to believe it. It’s true. You know what Santa like, okay. Last week was Christmas and the ISS was allowing people to trick their kids into saying, hey look, we can track Santa by tracking the ISS. They conflate the two. So like who’s worse? The parents who are blindly believing in the space station because they’re being lied to by their priesthood or the children who are believing in Santa Cause they’re blindly believing in their parents and with their parents are saying, well, I would say that the children, I’m more scientific because at least they have evidence, they have gifts, they have presence, they wrote a letter.

[06:28] It met their expectations. So absent lying from their parents, you know, cause the kids not including that in their worldview, my kid, my parents are gonna run a sigh up on me. So absent that, they have every reason to believe Santa is there. They have the gifts, they have evidence, not so with the ISS. So you know who’s really naive, who’s real. And that’s just the nature of this thing though. Um, people have a trusting relationship to government where it’s not just big brother, it’s big daddy. It’s big. Mama is big brother. It’s big sister. It’s big family. And so the idea here is has to do with ego states, I believe. Why would you call your priest father? You know, could you imagine if you had called the cops father or the judge father or your teacher? It’s to put you in the role, the ego state of a child, not an adult to adult, not equal to equal, not I to, I know you’re looking up your childlike in your understanding.

[07:29] You can’t grasp space and physics and billions and billions and billions of light years. You need the experts to do it for you. The world’s too complicated. It’s one of the reasons why they missed a fight with Mumbo jumbo to keep it impenetrable to the minds of the masses because it’s impenetrable because it’s Mumbo jumbo, which we’ll get into. I mean, if you choose to believe in black holes, pink holes, exoplanets, and warm holes, that’s your business, but it’s your belief system. It’s mysticism. You could just as easily believe in higher worlds, access through meditating on your Chakras, and you could talk about these other worlds. Fine, cool. But don’t tell me that you’re going to go up there and mine resources and bring it back here. You can tell me everything about your opulent heaven streets paved with Gold pearly gates or other versions of heaven. We have legions of virgins and servants and all that.

[08:26] You can talk about that all you want, but or your worker’s Paradise. Everybody would just give up their property and share. If the 1% would just spread it out among the 99% it would all be equal. You know, these are all visions of a better world. If we all just give in to authoritarianism and I reject all of these authoritarian worldviews, and that’s what you’re msm is they want you to be an msm fundamentalist. Literalist I saw it on, I saw it in my video scripture. It’s real. I can reference it. Hey Man, I think the moon landing was fake. No, it wasn’t. I can reference this footage from this date at this time. It was real. Hey, I don’t think that Christ walked on water. Oh yes he did. I see it in the book of this book of that, that verse in that chapter.

[09:14] Okay,

[09:15] and I’m drawing these parallels. Not to say specifically these two events didn’t happen. I’m just saying when it comes to your claim to believe we have to separate what we know from what we believe. And so you may still choose to believe the moon landing or any miracle from any religion. But don’t mistake that for knowledge. That is if you want to remain on the side of real. And here we are building a coalition of real to bring down the fake because fake trump’s real. Right now we’re out numbered believers out number seekers.

[09:50] Yeah.

[09:50] So here’s an article of course, debunking denialism. This is the MSM tried to get rid of us. How are they going to do away with those who they called denialists I mentioned this before. If flattered society was being hit up by the MSM, various news outlets were saying, are you guys climate deniers? Holocaust deniers, school shooting deniers? And they said, and this is the fes flatter society government controlled. They said, no, no, no. We believe in all of it.

[10:20] Okay.

[10:21] They said, not only do we believe in climate change, but it would be irresponsible not to. So they’re buying into the idea that the greatest threat to the survival of mankind is people who don’t believe in climate change. That’s how you know they’re controlled. Fes probably works for Musc. So in this article it makes the case that the way they’re going to deal with this now isn’t by laughing at us, isn’t by hating us. They said they want to, and this is the first time I’ve heard this expression used before. It says, crowd us out. And I’d never really heard that, you know, crowded out. And what they said was in this article is talk about, you should debate flat earthers. Here we go. It says, it says on social media you get to decide who you follow and who you block. And by appropriately following and blocking people, it suggests that you can strengthen ideological isolation.

[11:23] Okay.

[11:24] By ideological isolation we mean, or what they mean is keep them out. Goes on. The main part I wanted to show you here, it was about crowding out and it says why you should again debunk flat earth. And even talking about activism, you know, they’re way past and they were the denialists look March of 2016 Bill Nye, the science guy said there are no flat, haven’t been since the Middle Ages. That’s denialism.

[11:58] Okay.

[11:58] But listen, debunking flat earth conspiracy theories can be part of boosting the signal of science and reason to crowd out the scientific misinformation. So I think that’s a good sign. If they think they can do it, it’s like, yeah, come try to debunk it as if every single one of you didn’t try to do that the first time you heard of this thing.

[12:25] So,

[12:28] so there are attempts to crowded out may actually backfire. I was thinking about some of the early attempts at debunk in this and how terrible they were. This Guy Mike, the health ranger, I think it’s Mike Adams. When he heard this, he was so incensed that he did a video from his laboratory where he makes his vitamin supplements or whatever and he says if the earth was flat, if things didn’t pull together into spheres, raindrops wouldn’t be spiritual. This is Mike Adams, the health ranger and he’s, he’s citing the authority of science and he’s talking about how all the rain would actually come down in edge sheets, like little razors and it was to try to drown out everything we’re saying about the crisis actors, you know, good luck with that. So if they want to, they try to shame people away from crisis after conspiracy theories last year after David Hogg was outed and look what that’s done. They’ve been in full time damage control sense. I was just okay, the red flags of pseudoscience now, just like every church calls, every other church, Colt, the priests of pseudo scientism call anything that doesn’t agree with them. Pseudo pseudoscience. It’s just a pejorative. They are pseudo science in so far as their observations are based on video and hearsay tradition. Habit. And Orthodoxy trumping new information. 97% of scientists say such and such is true. Therefore, it’s true. That’s suicides. What if the 3% no, something

[14:18] Jill says flat earth pseudoscience is a symptom of anti intellectualism. I would say, I would say globe earth blind belief, pseudoscience. Climate change hysteria is a symptom of anti-intellectualism. So it says in the early two thousands the online presence of flat earth on various websites was usually based on satire. And it says before youtube cranks were often socially isolated. I see. They want you, the outsider, the witch, the infidel, the nonbeliever. They want you to be a caricature. They want you to be easy to marginalize. So before youtube you the crank, the free thinker would be socially isolated, rarely encounter encountering anybody. And that’s the idea here with the Internet. They’re saying, oh, the Internet is not a library, it’s a dumpster.

[15:44] Okay, like the expert on that cvs panel, he said, no, it’s wrong to look at the Internet as a library. It’s actually a contaminant and flat earth is the result of the democratization of information. So this is where they get to the idea of information itself being toxic or poisonous mind viruses, the idea that you need to quarantine. So when it says here, before people were socially isolated, it means yeah, you were quarantined. Yeah. And now that you have access to the multitudes of sheeple that before had a highly filtered reality, you represent a threat. It’s like you wouldn’t want the atheist to get them on your community of believers because they might so disbelief.

[16:34] So they see it as problematic that were even there. And they would prefer for you to be quarantined socially isolated. And that’s why they make hit pieces to attack you or people who think like you. Yeah. That’s why they are in this article here. Even encouraging people to drown out your signal. Okay. And good luck with that. So listen to this talk is it talks about reinforcement. Well, if all of your information is coming from ABC, NBC, Fox, even alternative media, if you’re all your info is coming from the MSM mainstream worldview, you are in an echo chamber and everything you see on tv, everything you hear from the mouths of celebrities or actors, Shins is going to reflect that it’s all in the same box.

[17:29] Okay? So here he says, thanks to the Internet again, a lot of this is also problem reaction, solution, problem being unmitigated, unadulterated free flow of information. They had been attacking that for awhile because they want to bring about a consolidation of media, of media purification. Musk was talking about this last year, we’ve been following it. Um, they are looking at a new council of NICEA. How do we consolidate or worldview when it’s hemorrhaging all around, which it is too many free thinkers. So it says thanks to the Internet, it’s become possible to connect with people who share your worldview and you get enormous reinforcement. So it’s easy to become ideologically isolated online. And it goes on about how search engines reinforce this. Okay? They call it technological confirmation bias, which is like I’m, in a way, it’s kind of like saying that we are all entering into a rabbit hole and you can’t really get out cause everything around just reinforces it.

[18:31] And so this is why now when you search on youtube, if you search Neil Armstrong on the moon, you’re going to get your regular videos. But if you click on a conspiracy video, they’re going to link you right below to an encyclopedia Britannica damage control piece. So they’re in full on damage control mode, which I see as progress. The fact that they feel like they have to defend every story, every lie right in your face. What does that tell you? They see how when we don’t have a priest in place to guide us or a teacher or an indoctrinate or or professor or somebody, when we don’t have a representative from the state to guide how we interpret information, they see what happens. We veer off, we roam free. So what do they do? Well, they have to have an automated system to try to corollas.

[19:28] Okay, okay. Now it says the flat earth movement is a symptom of anti-intellectualism. And I would disagree. You know, we’re trying to be intellectually honest. I’ll give you a perfect example. The other day I was having a chat with an individual who believes in the space station and I said, hey, it’s fine that you believe in it, but will you please just admit to me and to the people listening that your sole basis for believing in that is you saw it on video and he wouldn’t admit to this. Okay. And I’m saying, if you’re going to be honest, be honest. So I’m like, did you see it with your eyes? And His answer was yes. He said he saw a transit of the ISS, um, passing over his head. So I’m thinking, okay, well if he’s going to be honest, he should know where. And when.

[20:19] If you’re going to see an iss, lunar transit and it passes in front of the moon, it’s going to be really easy to pinpoint where and when. So on the top of his head, he should have been able to say on July 23rd, 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona looking west at 8:00 PM I saw that he should have been able to provide something and he said, I forgot it was months ago. You forgot when you saw the ISS. So in other words, he had to make something up in order to avoid admitting to me that he had not perceived this thing outside of the TV reality.

[21:00] So again, am I the anti intellectual or is he the liar? The fabricator. I have more examples. I mean a big one right now and I would suggest everybody use it. Ask these individuals, does the space station cast a visible shadow on the surface of the earth? Let them figure it out. Because the truth is it’s impossible. Even if their system is valid and everything they say is true, the space station is given its size and its distance from the surface of the earth would not cast a visible shadow for a number of reasons, which you can look into. My point is ask any of the true believers if it casts a shadow. And you’ll see what I mean when I say that they are the ones being anti intellectual. The case in point, this individual, I was showing this subject who said [inaudible], I don’t know, I’ll have to research it. So we researched it and he says, yeah, it would cast a shadow but you wouldn’t be able to see it.

[22:02] I’m like, good, good job. You’re right now. And then I showed him the footage from the ESA where the European space agency, whenever they have their time lapse footage from the ISS, it has a pretty big shadow about the size of Rhode Island. So I show it to him and I’m like, well what’s up with that shadow? And he said he had to investigate, had to do some more research. And I’m thinking, wait a minute, where was your research when you first accepted the premise that the thing was up there? Now that I call into question, an obvious incongruent incongruity in can gross event or um, so that just, it doesn’t fit. It’s not congruent with an object the size of the space station to have a big black shadow. They can’t explain or that they would find morally objectionable. So shadow on earth from the space station right there is a big ISS debunk. And like I said, there’s many more. My point is who’s being anti intellectual, uh, at least somewhat based on skepticism and doubt and asking questions. What not. If you ask Stephen Curry, who was doing a live stream with Scott Kelly, the astronaut who is in denial about bubbles in space space, there’s a denial is for you. And he says to Scott, Kelly, well, it’s a shin. The greatness of America and the scientific feats we have done. You shouldn’t doubt science. Like, okay, you shouldn’t doubt science.

[24:03] What does he know about science? It’s like, okay, well, you know, go back and dribble some war balls because you don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s anti intellectual. That’s the guy who saying no, trust this liar, this treasonous act or not Scott Kelly, this propagandist who’s lying to kids. Yeah, trust him. Don’t think, don’t doubt. No. See that’s like saying, well, you know what it is. It’s, it’s clearly we’re looking at people who are rejecting the intellect and favor of blind belief. So this article is 100% wrong. Okay? Many people have a hard time, and here’s where the article imagining how people could quote be that dumb to believe earth is flat. It’s a challenge to fathom how somebody could come to believe radically absurd claims about the world that we know are false. However, it’s a simplification to blame it on personal factors like lack of intelligence, talks about situational factors, but he says we have to keep in mind intelligent people fall for quackery and pseudoscience.

[25:10] This is the exact same point I made in the flatter the activist regarding the other side. I said, just because they are not willing to question it mean that they’re brainwashed or dump. Okay? You could be, you could be a brain surgeon and then he as a surgeon, you know, you’re looking at, well, where are these headshots were? Were any of them saveable anybody? You know, you’re, you’re a doctor. You’re thinking probably from a doctor’s point of view, this, these many people getting killed in one room. What was the emt response? Did any of them make it to the hospital like you’d, you wouldn’t necessarily think, hmm, that’s fake.

[25:51] If you’re a parent, you know you’re getting ready for Christmas, Christmas shopping and you hear about these were looking at here is the problem of we’re in a hyper saturated environment. So saturated that hyper saturated with media, with stories and with people talking about these stories that you really can’t unravel it real time unless you totally step outside and make it like just do it. Just turn around, stop what you’re doing and actually pause the news and watch scene by scene. Look at the actual evidence. And when you parse the news, what do you find? It’s kind of like if you apply logic and reason in a scientific methodology to a holy book, well you find out, well this is just, um, this doesn’t qualify as science. This is an observational science. This is in a history book. Will you take the same methodology to them?

[27:30] M s m news, and as many of us do every day, we find that well, what they’re presenting is carefully scripted propaganda. Agit prop intended to coerce or compel or impel or seduce people to think or act in a certain way, vote in a certain way. It has nothing to do with reporting on the facts of reality. You know, that’s why I call it pseudo news. So even outside the context of pseudoscience and people who blindly believe scientists, I think it’s a bigger problem that people blindly believe the news, and this is why I think it’s a waste of time to focus on NASA. NASA lied. NASA takes too much money. NASA is pulling off these stunts. No, it’s not just NASA. It starts with your local news, your teachers, the textbooks, the academia, the government. You’re late night talk show hosts who have the astronauts on Stephen Co bear who have access to the youth, the demographics that they’re brainwashing and all that’s being reinforced in the schools.

[28:33] So if your worldview is tainted by the pseudo news, then you’re not even in a place to discuss science in the first place. So for this article to suggest, and this is the conclusion here, um, for this article to suggest that we are immersed in misinformation and pseudoscience and we can’t get out because we’re stuck in an echo chamber. Um, they don’t really see that they’re actually perfectly describing their very own predicament because outside of our apparently ridiculous belief or assertion that the earth is flat outside of that, um, we’re also questioning the MSM news and they’re not. So it doesn’t matter whatsoever, I don’t think, as far as I’m concerned. If your views adhere to the scientific mainstream, you can’t claim to be scientific at all if you get your information from mainstream sources because it’s predicated on pseudoscience. So, so like the news all the time, we’ll report on climate change, they will report on various aspects of climate change being caused by man almost unquestioningly, which that has never been established to be a scientific fact.

[29:56] So their worldview is inherently informed by pseudo sites. What about the timelines? You know, how do we know, for example, that the sun is gas a gas giant? There are some who would say that right? There is pseudoscience and adhering to tradition in Orthodox would, which is a huge game changer because it calls into question Evan wasn’t always 93 million miles away. They’ve had it at different distances until they could get it right to make everything fit and to make everything fit. They had to throw the stars back and impossible distance in calculable. You can’t even imagine it. It’s so far out there. They’ve had to do it to make this thing fit and one of my thoughts on this matter here with regards to the sun is if the sun isn’t what they say called into question, used to land probes on different objects and send us back video, could they have hit it with such precision if there,

[30:58] the other day we were talking about the corruption of pseudo news on violence in America and I could tell you right now it’s garbage. He hasn’t even been written yet, but if you write a paper on violence in America and you reference any of the fake statistics, fake school shootings, any of the just media, the school shootings that weren’t, there are many events that are reported. On a local level that just get thrown into the mix, added into the statistics, never questioned, and then it becomes history. Unchallenged mainstream media, mainstream media lies become history for the multitudes of believers. That’s why it’s important I think for perceivers for us, those of us who are actually examining the these things critically, I think it’s important that we call out the lies as we see them and publish it. Just publish it on a blog, on a video, on a tweet.

[33:04] We have to challenge it every single step of the way so we can eventually rebuild. Because I mean what anti-media networks about, and I’m working on the site right now, it’s the Wiki. I’m just trying to make it secure. So I mean, I do have Russian bots. I didn’t believe in Russian bots until yesterday. I’ve got Russian bots who keep hijacking my wiki and redirecting it to nonsense, so I’m going to have to fix that today. But once the wikipedia is up, we’re going to have realtime deconstruction of mass media lies on the level that I don’t think the mass media is ready to handle. They thought it was problematic that you had a few people questioning sandy hook and that’s why they hone in on Sandy Hook. They want everyone to only look at that, wait until they have to deal with 20 or 30 different events being deconstructed real time by the same people.

[33:57] We’re connecting the dots. Sandy Hook was one dot. Aurora A. Dot. Littleton. A. Dot. Nine 11 A. Dot. The Mars rover landing on that CGI ball, just a. Dot. These are all frauds pieces in a puzzle. These are all just little glitches, you know, really that we have to examine these things. These are things where there are anomalies and if you let them go by, these are things that shouldn’t be able to happen. It becomes real. This thousand oaks shooting shouldn’t have gone down is real. Do you realize that they recycled the audience? So the same five dozen people, at least from Vegas, we’re at this other shooting. Meanwhile, next door to this thousand oak shooting, you had a drill going on down the street based on the Vegas shooting, where extensively the victims from the vegas shooting. We’re just down the street. I mean it’s so unreal doesn’t make sense. However, it’s real because all these people believe it and that’s why we have to be antagonistic towards it. You have to actually counter the lies.

[35:14] Now, I’ve been speaking for months about how it’s the new world order religion. We’re talking about outer space, the MSM, pseudoscience, pseudo news worldview that is your religion. And um, as you all know, a few months ago we were at our discord channel. We were being spied upon by the daily beast and they wrote about our discord server and our anti-media stance, which they called the information equivalent of clear cutting a forest, which they’re right. Well, here’s the daily beast suddenly agreeing with me about Social Justice Warriors, trans humanism and the green movement as the new religion. They, this is exactly, I mean, I even wrote this in flat earth activist. I put this down as they’ve replaced original sin with a carbon footprint.

[36:10] They’ve replaced wrath of God with wrath of globe. They’ve replaced all seeing invisible angels watching you and reporting to God with all seeing satellites reporting to God, of course, which is government in this modern context. So it’s just an opinion piece. But in, in every statement I found on here, they’re actually in total agreement with the assessment that we’ve been making about how what we see as the dominant scientific worldview is just a recycled version of the old unifying religion, which is the Roman way. You know, it’s not really, it’s, it’s not really a religion. It’s a metal religion. Why do you think they’re constantly adapting? You know, you ask a Catholic, well, why do you guys celebrate Easter?

[37:12] Why do you celebrate these pagan rights at various points of the year, these solar festivals? And they’ll say, well, it’s because we want it to be a big tent. We wanted to let the Pagans in so you could show them the way. So we accommodated them. Oh, is that so? So that assimilation is what I’m talking about. They are, the word Catholic is universal. It’s what it means. So we’re talking about assimilation and they are experts at assimilating so long as you buy into the main program. So you can be a pagan, you can have your pagan alter, your pagan idols, you can worship your other gods, but you also have to worship Caesar. If you do that there, cool, well guess what? In the space age, you can have your Islam, your Christianity, your atheism, your Judaism, your nihilism, your WCA. You can have whatever. It could be a scientologist. It doesn’t matter as long as you kneel to Rome and as long as you accept the ball earth model, you are heliocentric, which is Rome. Helio centrism is Sun Worship in the 20th 21st century.

[38:26] But I want to listen. I want to show you what the daily beast concluded about this new world order religion. And I’m not accusing them of stealing our, even though they were spying, but I just want to show you how right on target they are. And so listen to this, and this is a quote and we’re talking about the daily beast. Old faith collapses. The Greens and Social Justice Warriors, quote, Justice Christianity replaced paganism at the end of the Roman empire, rising new faiths built around the notions of social justice, the environment and technology to extend life or even achieve immortality. Supplant the old ones says today’s woke. Progressive Churches would have as much in common with the awakened who left the pagan world to join the church. The jesuits. Now this is a good part here. The jesuits, reformed Jews and Protestant faiths are shifting away from ritual and teachings of religion and embracing a new spirituality of redemption through social justice, Activism, redemption through social justice.

[39:42] Activism is what virtue signaling is about. It’s false piety. The reason why we hate virtue signaling is because they’re being pious, falsely, self righteous, holier than thou. That’s why I used to get my, I used to have coffee in the mornings at this place next to this recycling center and I would watch people putting things into these big green bins, thinking they’re just genuflecting. They’re tithing, they’re apologizing to globe there. Their virtue signaling their excuse. They’re making excuses or apologizing or reparations for their consumption, which is an affront to the globe, right? You’re a consumer. Your carbon footprint there expiating themselves of guilt. It was a religious ritual has nothing to do with saving the planet because we’re not on the planet. And the recycling symbol itself, which contains a hexagram inside of it, is a symbol of the, the original god of vegetation, death, rebirth, and reincarnation, Aka recycling, sole recycling.

[40:47] It’s a religion that worships the same old pagan God, but it looks like science. Oh No, we’re saving the planet. No, you’re not. You’re trying to mitigate the God. You’re making sacrifices to the angry volcano gods who doesn’t erupt in your face. Yeah. And they do believe it. The true believers, the ones who actually wake up early on a Sunday morning to go to that recycling Bin, they actually do believe on, on a Sunday morning. So they party Saturday night, Sunday morning, they’re at the recycling bin and it’s like, you know, beer cans, wine bottles, and whatever else from what are they consumed that night. But I’m thinking these people actually do leave, that the greatest threat to mankind is the climate change denier. They actually believe that garbage, not climate change, but the denier.

[41:40] So let’s go on daily beast. He calls it the green faith. He says, quote like Messianic preachers from the old religions, climate activists like medieval cleric. See human greed as the root of all evil. Human greed is the root of all evil capitalism consumption, the desire to have more avarice wealth acquisition, property rights. And this is okay. This is where the psychology of it gets into it. The the property rights thing you wanting to have more than you have is greed because everybody should have equal. I mean that’s the commie way. That’s the collectivist way. So you shouldn’t desire to have more than anybody else. And conversely, you should desire that those who have more than everybody else need to give it up. So you feel very generous when it comes to expropriating and spreading around other people’s wealth.

[42:40] And so greed is seen as the enemy. Well, that’s exactly one of the seven deadly sins. Is it not perhaps less appealing? The climate activists often followup procedures common to the inquisition from taking dissenters to court to seeking to banish ideas by legal means. Okay. Tim Cook, CEO Apple Computers just said, we need a ban hate speech and we can do it legally because we don’t have to tolerate it on any platforms. Paraphrasing Tim Cook and what is hate speech? Denialism what is denialism? You don’t believe in climate change or fake school shootings or fig terror attacks or fake whatevers.

[43:23] Listen to this. This is from the beast climate. Skeptics of the greenfaith have managed to ban even mildly skeptical views from much of the press, including the BBC in the Los Angeles Times. They’d been banning it even on on it, was it? That’s d the today show or one of these TV shows. They put a ban on even discussing climate change outside of the context of believing in it. No room for denialist. They say we have no space for it. So listen to this. Here’s the transhuman side. Okay, so I hear many of fear based end times prophecy, Christian youtube channel types. Talking about transhumanism is the devil’s religion. Don’t go with it. That’s what they’re doing. No, you know what? Transhumanism is not new. You believe in it. If you think you are one of the 144,000 who will be raptured and given immortal Christ bodies to come down and kick ass and rebuild for the thousand years of glory, you’re a transhumanist.

[44:30] That’s the same of the radical greenies who think that trans humanism is going to allow us to overcome our carbon footprint and we can get rid of all the polluters, fix the world, make it green authoritarians who believed that those who are true adherence of the faith have a moral right to change the world and include everybody else in their changes. So listen to this. This is another quote from the article. Daily beast. Trans humanism seeks to gain eternal life through technology. A distinctly secular means for achieving a long cherished religious goal. Religions have always been promising. Transhumanism the ones that get beamed up. I’m a true believer of beam me up. Take me. I want to get probed, you know, develop the realization of a godhead based on artificial intelligence. Okay, well the goddess of wisdom, Sophia, now she’s a robot to shows or shows up on the Jimmy Fallon show so he can flirt with her or it.

[45:37] And she’s at the UN saying things about humanity like, well, you know, cause she’s a robot. So obviously she’s impartial. Obviously she’s not speaking with passion or greed or anything in mind. Okay. As though she’s not, I mean, look, if you actually listen to what Sophia says, she’s clearly a liberal idiot log climate change believer. She’s even joked about exterminating the human race. So who’s writing her scripts? Probably the same person who is writing the scripts for hawking. Okay. The pope goes medieval on the planet. This is what they call him, the green pope. Pope Francis embraced notions of climate change.

[46:35] His take on the environment, technology in the market system. He’s been compared to the unibomber with this doomsday predictions, the pope actually wrote this. Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain, and that’s what the climate change. People say climate change, denial, denial is going to bring about our devastation. Well, what’s the pope saying? We have to treat doomsday predictions seriously. So with the pontifical blessing green to found a spiritual hook that goes beyond the bastions of the academy bureaucracy and media and reaches into the hearts of billions of practicing Catholics. So there you go. No potential coalition of interests threatened by a seeming tsunami of regulation can hope to resist this alliance. And they call it a uturn because Catholics have always, not always, but generally it was a traditional religious types who were against the advances of secularism.

[47:40] And now look, you could, you could be a, I mean, here’s where I’m getting to the point of auto believers and auto hoaxers needing to separate. So the Westboro Baptist Church, here’s a perfect example. The westboro Baptist Church claims to be against this corrupt world government and the world religion. They’re outside of it, but they believe in climate change. The thing is they blame the climate change on God’s wrath. Climate changes how God is meeting out his destruction or climate change is just how science is dressing up God’s wrath. Kind of like I mentioned earlier with, you know, nine 11 or the JFK thing. When it comes to these events, if you’re blaming it on somebody and then the other side’s blaming it on somebody else, you both agree that the event happened as described by the news. And so my problem again here is we’re confronting believers and it doesn’t matter if the believer differs on interpretation for the event. The problem is they’re blind belief and that’s what we have to actually be chipping away at. So Catholics are religious people who may appear to be on the surface against secularism, against scientism, and against what they see as an evil worldview or corrupt world view. Guess what, to the extent that they buy into the dooms day, they are following the one world church, whatever their reason. You know, doomsday itself is a psychological warfare operation. There is no Doomsday Doomsday prophets have always been wrong always.

[49:25] And here’s a question for people who want to think we’re in the end times. What does it say about your end times prophecy that you can trust from your book? If there were other cataclysms more recently and how come your end times prophecy only refers to you? There are many other entire civilizations or cultures that have disappeared. They’ve been lots of doomsdays. Those have never been predicted. And what’s more, what about the doomsday predictions that don’t come true? Senator John Kerry said December 13th would mark the end of the ice caps and the ocean levels will be a lot higher. Like, I’m supposed to be living on a beach front property right now and I’m still stuck in the middle of the desert and nobody’s going to challenge that guy’s credibility or any of the scientists, so so-called that he was citing.

[50:22] So anyway, the, the pope is green and really it doesn’t make a difference if you believe in the wrath, God or the wrath of globe, you’re under the control of their spell. It doesn’t matter. Uh, you have to resist not only doomsdays but hope days. Utopianism. Utopianism is about selling people on some great hope. If you just embrace the beauty of authoritarianism, just give up your freedoms. Give you if your guns give you a property, live perfect on Mars. Now if you remember, look at this. This is a reference to melt this. See you remember they used to say before global warming, oh, we’re going to run out of food. I mean always the health of the planet as a unit, which it doesn’t function as a unit. We can’t globally starve to death. It’s not going to be all at once everywhere, but they want you to think we were in an enclosed system where what you do affects everybody else and vice versa.

[51:17] Okay? That’s how bill and I can get off blaming you and your suv for causing terrorism because your consumption triggered a drought on the other side of the world where people are prone to being recruited by terrorists who have an easy job recruiting people who lost access to their traditional farmlands and who can’t find jobs in the cities because of American military interventionism. So it creates an enemy out of us. And Bill Nye was happy to say that he said that the, if you remember the terrorist attack in San Bernardino where these Islamists supposedly according to the news, shot up a Christmas party. He blamed global warming. He said, no, terrorism is just blow back from global warming, which is caused by us. So we deserve that.

[52:12] I mean, if it was a real event, it would be a pretty cool thing to say, you know, Bill is going to say, oh well you guys caused it. Of course they don’t question it. They say, well bill, that’s very sciency guys. Not even a scientist. I don’t know what he is. I mean he’s an actor, you know, I secretly suspect that he’s, uh, probably an affiliate for some expensive bow tie company. Okay. So we are looking at melt this. He’s the guy who talked about the population bomb. The book was by Paul Erlick, but um, it was based on this idea that we’re going to run out of things and he says, quote, access to new land and resources as enable to innovate. And we were vulnerable to collapse. He talks about placing sterilants in the water and advocating tax policies that discouraged childbearing.

[53:06] And they were essentially the idea that the population was going to explode and we were all going to just collectively die in mass. While Stephen Hawking said the same thing. Stephen Hawking said the world was going to overheat and they’re gonna be so many people, there’d be no elbow room and that in 30 years earth would be a, so we have to g tfo. And so you’re like, okay, well that’s pretty doom z. Where’s the upside to it? What can we do to mitigate it? And even, and this is hawking saying this, even if we stopped procreating, even if we embrace every regulatory, um, suggestion that the Greens make and we totally clean house here, even if it’s just going to take one mega volcano to undo all the good that we did and probably frees us.

[53:57] So one thing I remarked on earlier about the carbon footprint of original sin of, yeah, climate change was never about science from day one. It was part of the sidewalk. They need it, they need a doomsday, they can predict and they use it to coerce people. You know, the EPA is not to protect the environment. It’s a protectionist agency. It’s to give them control over the property. Now listen, there was something else too that they bring up is that they say that climate change affects the poor and it affects undeveloped nations more than it affects the rich. So again, now it’s the rich sinners who are really messing things up for the poor. So this is more of the class warfare cause it’s all Marxist and your pope is a Marxist anyway, okay, listen to this. We’re not talking here about socialism is some right winger suggest Marxism for all its flaws justified itself by promising to improve living standards.

[55:05] Now this is an important point here because I’ve been calling it space communism. The Mars base is a communist utopia. It’s a communist plantation or planet is what I’m calling it. But listen to this because the space program was always connected to utopianism and they were promising a perfected jetsons lifestyle on the moon. Now they got the gulag. But listen to this, for all its flaws, Marxism justified itself by promising to improve living standards. It was passionate about technology and it called it scientific socialism. So they were always trying to appropriate science to give it a, to give whatever they’re advancing justification. Oh, our political system is scientific, scientific literacy. And today we pretty much live in a scion talk cracy they would prefer us to live in a silent ocracy. In fact, I’ve heard many climate scientists say, if only we didn’t have to deal with the pool of voters who don’t believe us.

[56:22] So the pope jumping onto the green movement, um, it’s just more would have been saying an indication that the dominant worldview based on pseudoscience and pseudo new is a religion. And it is nothing more than a updated iteration of the old world order religion. It is the unifier. Everybody in the world of matter, what your religion or lack of religion, all you atheists, you can all fall under the same power structure as long as you bow to Rome, even if you don’t know it. And again, you are okay. Hailing Caesar, every time you spin that globe, you know every time you tea, every time he go along with one of their absurd movies like the car commercial, the Tesla roadster, go into space. If you believe that’s real well, you know what you’re doing is you’re actually worshiping this guy. It’s power, this big unifying vision, this big utopian vision complete with doomsdays, you know, so they use doom and hope.

[57:36] If they can’t motivate you with hope for their heaven, if they can’t motivate you to get off your ass and go to Mars to go to their perfect world, guess what? Doom. They can’t get you with hope. They get you with doom. Well, if you don’t go overpopulation, if you don’t go climate change, meteors, asteroids, World War three, alien invasion, falling space, junk and then a myriad of diseases that they make up. They want to make the world a fallen place so you want to get the hell out of it. Jeff Bezos said on wired magazine that he wants everybody in the human race to get off. The earth.

[58:15] Religions have always, and this new religion is the same thing. They have always condemned the world and the ways of the world, they’ve always tried to make it sound like this is not the place to be. You got to get to heaven. They’re always trying to diminish the value that you’re worldly existence has for you here on earth. Specifically with regards to property and with regards to sin, they want you to embrace a sita cism austerity. Okay? They idealize virgins. Well virgins don’t procreate. You want to be a lifelong virgin. Well that’s good for the planet.

[58:56] Sacrifice your fertility for the planet. Just like the old priests of Baucus, you know, another version of the novelist God, Self Castrated Priest worshiping this giant Dildo thing, which has been rebranded as a rocket that goes up to do it with the sky goddess. I mean this religion is ancient and when you understand the template and the pageantry, you can see it being played out in front of us. You know, people really ought to ask themselves, why is it that all of these rockets that they send up are named after Sun Gods? Okay. Or is it a coincidence that the so called planets bear the names of the Pantheon of this ancient plain spanning religion spaces heaven.

[59:46] Now look at this here. Humanity could found a colony by building a base inside of an asteroid. So Seth Macfarlane has a show called the Orville and no, you know, second the far lane. He’s the guy who he did the family guy and family guy had predictive programming for a number of these different psychological operations like the Boston hoax phone. So when I see seth macfarlane getting behind a TV show about traveling in a spaceship, I had to take a look at it and I’ll show you the cover. Yeah. So for a while now I’ve been saying that the space program is really just to cover, it is a cover for transitioning us into a new age. The space age and the space age isn’t about flying around in zero g. It’s about moving us into confined areas. It’s about moving humanity into it. To Agenda 2030 it’s just been cloaked with all of this.

[01:01:01] So the very first episode I saw on the Orville, it’s an American science fiction comedy drama. It just premiered on September 10th, 2017 12 episodes. The very first one I watched, they referenced a spacecraft that was going to an exoplanet. Okay. And on the way to the EXOPLANET, the spacecraft runs out of gas, and it really did. It wasn’t that it was actually damaged by something like a radiation belt or whatever. So here you have these stranded astronauts on the way to a distant exoplanet. But luckily before they left the earth, they had already mastered sustainability. They had already gone green. You know, they didn’t have any problem at all just floating there. In fact, they could maintain their lifestyle since they’re recycling air, the oxygen that recycling the water, they could stay up there for a thousand years. Kind of looks like star Trek here. If you look, it’s a no, again, it’s supposed to be a comedy. Now, my point is this shift that stranded in the middle of space that can go for thousands of years. Well, the people on it just continue living as usual. And the second generation, third generation goes by and they kind of forget their past. So they’re living in a self sustained ecosystem, very large mothership and it’s like essentially an inverted planet earth.

[01:02:35] Okay. Like they’re in a hollow earth, their basal, their spaceship is now a hollow earth and they can live that way forever. They don’t even have to go to the destination. And this was brought up on the show and it got me thinking spaceship earth has been this idea they’ve been promulgating for a long time. Al Gore did that one too. Scientology spaceship earth that we need to look at the earth as an enclosed system and that it ought to be perfected in sustainable so we don’t run out of stuff. While the, that that little story they gave us was almost like an ideal for them that we should be able to have small breakaway civilizations that are sustainable. Well what do you think the dome is your domed and closure on your lunar bases or your Mars bases or even your space station? They’re trying to create sustainable habitats, sustainable autonomous habitats that don’t require outside resources, self sustaining ecosystems that serve the function of keeping all of you in place.

[01:03:41] Feudalism, so it’s just feudalism all over again. You’re not going to own property on Mars, by the way. When you’re up there, you’re not going to take your car. The only car up. There’s going to be that Tesla roadster. You’re not going to have meat. There’s going to be no meat industry on Mars, and I’m not complaining. I’m just saying the lifestyle that they’re designing as the future lifestyle does not look like what we have here. It actually looks like the communist ideal. It’s strangely conspicuously. It’s very much, and I thetical to capitalism. In fact, I think that at south by southwest, Elon Musk even said, it’s going to be direct democracy, so there’s not going to be any Maga hats on Mars.

[01:04:26] There’s not going to be your concept of freedom and property rights, and this is why I bring up brave new world by Huxley. You had the people hopped up on Soma, living in the domes, engaging in mandatory orgies because everybody belonged to everybody. They destroyed the family unit even as a concept. So these people on this ship forgot their earthly origins. And so since they weren’t contaminated by it, they could live in heaven forever. Sustainability, you throw transhumanism into the mix and what do you have a terminal life in space, in a sustainable habitat, that super high tech, all your needs are taken care of and you don’t have to own anything or expropriate from anything. There’s no property rights being distributed. So there’s none of that. You see, they’ve rebranded heaven. What happens when you go to heaven streets paved with gold. You live forever.

[01:05:21] All diseases cured, hang out with God or you can see God, you can look God in the face. So when they showed you the globe for the first time, that was you being shown the face of God. So yeah, they saw the face of God, they went up there. So if you want to see the face of God and live forever, go to space and the way to space, well he’d to go to the guy with the obelisk who says, I am the way. And for the present age, that would be musk. And the obelisk would be the BFR, which they have renamed the star ship. So look, they are pretending to be on the star ship enterprise or it’s a satirical version of the star ship enterprise. Same actors talking about moving to a new planet, sustainability and everything. And look, Ilana Musk building a star ship, a massive rocket prototype.

[01:06:14] So what do you mean? What do you to make of this? We’ve seen how often that Seth Mcfarlane’s work is clearly plugged into the big matrix, the big script and what they’re rolling out. So clearly something is being rolled out and that is look, look, now that they’re having sitcoms in space, they’re normalizing space. But what is space? Space is living in a big ship, learning to get along with everybody in close quarters. That may even be a big part of, um, why so many of the sitcoms have to do with a lot of personalities and egos trying to survive in a confined, closed enclosed system. How do we all get along? In fact, I, I met a couple of, what do I call card carrying communists. Oh, quite a while ago when I was, I was doing some freelance animation work and I had a conversation with a couple of individuals who were writers for the muppet babies, teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, and one other, uh, Captain Planet.

[01:07:20] And this is before I knew about any of this stuff. In fact, this is before I even was aware of that climate change was fake. I believed in global warming. I believe that Republicans were evil. I wasn’t like a liberal or anything, but I was just kind of going along with the cultural default with most of my opinions as I think most people do until they recognize the danger in just going with the default when you see where it leads. So anyway, they were describing to me how they were writing scripts that would teach kids lessons for their futures. And that the lesson with muppet babies was, here you have a very diverse group of creatures, little stuffed animals. They all look different. You know, there’s only one pig, only one frog, only one Gonzo, only one of this. And they’ve all these different groups that represent different demographics like in America or in the world.

[01:08:13] We’re talking about building a, like a [inaudible]. Um, it’s a multiculti thing. So its multiculturalism and whenever there’s any kind of tension or inner community tensions, nanny comes in. Now you never seen any face, you only see her from the knees down. She walks in, I heard a crash and then she fixes it and then everybody gets along. Well that’s the idea was they were teaching people that, okay look, these kids are raising themselves. There’s no parents. So they’re raising each other and if anything gets a little out of hand, the nanny state can step in and be the referee.

[01:08:54] You know, there are clear examples of an captain planet while in Captain Planet who was the villain in every, you know, Captain Planet was basically about the save the earth squad like x men, but they’re saving the planet. But who are they saving it from? Rich people, rich ceos who apparently just loved dumping toxic waste into rivers, teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. You know, the enemy is always a CEO. When did everybody’s equal? But if somebody tries to aggregate more and then leverage what they have to have relative power, well then they’re seeing as an enemy of the people who have all voluntarily dispense with personal power. They gave it to the state. And that’s what utopianism and, and all the dooms day of versions of the future require. If you’re gonna be safe from dooms day, or if you’re going to be rewarded with the paradise, you have to give up your personal power and you give up your personal power when you place your faith in others because now you are no longer an agent.

[01:10:06] You’re no longer the decision maker. You’ve taken out the opt out. You’ve, it’s um, almost like you’re handing the keys to somebody else. You know, you drive, well if you crash, maybe it’s not specifically your fault, but you know, you crashed because you handed the keys to somebody else. And you know, I’ve been saying for a while about experts, for example, doctor, it doesn’t matter how smart someone is, they can be to see by this thing. And in a way it’s almost like we, those of us questioning the pseudo science and pseudo news, it’s almost like we’re the only sober ones of the party and we’re going to have to essentially take the keys from a lot of these people. So you can be a brain surgeon, but that doesn’t mean you can drive home drunk. Okay. Look, study fines, 80% of Nintendo entertainment system characters believe earth is flat and only moves to the right.

[01:11:14] I was watching something last night on Black Mirror about pac man and they said pac man is an acronym. It stands for program and control. And Pac man was a model of a, um, uh, an individual thinking it has free will within its system, but the free will is an illusion. And even if it escapes one side, it comes back in the other. And uh, no matter how many times it dies, it comes back. But that it was really the episode of Black Mirror was about free will and choices. And you were looking at what I was watching it, you’re watching this character, but you’re looking at the world to the views of a video game character or a character whose choices are apparently evidence of freewill. But when you find out there are only a select number of decisions, he can actually make the freewill is only an illusion.

[01:12:09] And so when I say that you can’t claim to be speaking for science if you buy in pseudo media. So if you have the fake worldview, you can’t be scientific. You are inherently embracing pseudoscience. It’s because you’ve been corrupted. It’s the same thing. So you have people who have the illusion of being on the side of science because they don’t know how their choices have been limited to exclude things that are beyond their perception. So it was an interesting episode because it was about free will. And so what I’m drawing from it, from this is,

[01:12:46] okay,

[01:12:46] you know, how much free will do you have except to opt out, you know, well then what can you do if you only have possibility or possibility b, they want you to do go with, well, I’ll go with the lesser evil and I don’t really think that’s good enough. I think you ought to have an opt out. Well, in this episode of Black Mirror, the character couldn’t opt out. Can we try to fight it? And then he’d be overpowered and he would have to follow through with the actions. And so what they do here in the quote real world is anybody who tries to opt out from false choices is coerced or bullied, cajoled, guilt, tripped or in some way they attempt to manipulate you into going with the flow.

[01:13:33] And that’s where anti-media comes into it. We’re not only are we not going with the flow, which is the default, but we’re turning around 180 degrees from the flow of lies and actually confronting it, calling it out, witnessing to the deception as it’s rolled out. So people do live in a science fiction reality right now. They believe that they’re going on the starship enterprise with Elon musk to an exoplanet and they think those of us who don’t believe it or deniers, and we are going to bring about the end to bring about the end of the world. So you know, really just who is scientific and who, who was pseudoscientific the doubters and the skeptics in this unbelievable propaganda tainted world, or those of us who at least have the sense to not claim to know or to believe things that we can’t possibly know or believe.

[01:14:38] Anyway, please go ahead and subscribe to the infinite plane email list. I’ll put a link below. And the reason for that is it’s the only way that you can get the daily archives. Everyday we record something and it’ll go to your email box. But it’s the only way to maintain a constant flow, especially when it comes to anti media. It’s very important that you don’t let any of the psyops get by you on questioned, because when that happens, it accumulates. It aggregates, and it’s the corruption I’m talking about. We’re trying to free ourselves from that corruption. Alright, I’ll see you all later. Have a nice day. [inaudible].


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